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Yoga enthusiasts BDR and boo Porschla Coleman were spotted at the Farm Sanctuary Gala last night along with Keisha Whitaker and “Girlfriends” Persia White. Speaking of things CW related – what the hell was up with the audio on “The Game” last night (and “Everybody Hates Chris” for that matter)? Very suspect indeed.

Check out more pics of Victoria Rowell, Angela Basset and more at the High Tea at Noon Charity in Beverly Hills right about now.

Tamera Mowry eating an In&Out burger at some golf event in LA:

* CW Shadiness*: There is strength in numbers. To contact the CW and demand they rectify that shady business they pulled last night email:

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  • finesseyoswagger

    nice wrap

  • JN

    I knew it wasn’t just me with that audio nonsense. I think they are trying to sabotage the black shows because the commercials were just fine and so was the show Aliens in America, which came on between both black shows. I’m just saying.

  • swoosh

    good morning

  • uptowngirl

    ^^ Anyhoo, Victoria stop please.

  • I'm Just Me


    All the kids are cute. Like Porshla’s outfit a lot too. Good look!

  • Toni Montana

    persia (lynn from girlfriends) actually looks good.

  • nickels

    I think the cw is trying to sabatoge the black showes too! My sound was fu**ed and it was only the 2 black shows they have left. AAAnd it just convienently happend on the season finale shows?!? The most important ratings based show for networks besides the pilot? CW aint slick, they been trying to find a reason since they signed on for 90201!

    I called everyone i knew and told them to keep their tv on The Game anyway to give them rating credit!

  • Blah

    The Game was fine on my tv. I didn’t watch Everybody Hates Chris.

  • Ro Ro

    Um I did not notice anything wrong with the Audio last night on the CW black shows. The game was good by the way.

  • Oh!

    Yes, the CW was messed up on Philly cabel also, and I was mad because it was the two black shows…haters!

  • always outta pocket

    I’m glad I’m not the only one mad about those haters @ the CW. I’m just glad my closed captioning worked!

  • Mississippi Girl

    Dang, I thought that it was just my audio!!! Yes, something was definitely wrong with the sound in MS.

    Why is Angela Bassett looking like somebody’s grandma in this pic. She is looking hella old!!!

  • Lady Love

    I had no problem on my audio this time but it has happened before.

    Do you all think Melanie and Derwim will get back together even though old girl is claiming to be pregnant??

  • LiLi

    So I’m not alone in the world! I thought it was my cable provider cuz the audio is always faster than the acting when I watch girlfriends and the game! Something has to be done because I can’t watch the shows when this happens…does something to me.

  • izmee

    I had no problem with the audio in ct…..could’ve been a particular area(s) service provider…..

  • Lush-Us Lipps

    No problem here in Chicago! But I will send a complaint anyway!

  • Octavia

    Victoria is looking fab as usual. Persia White is a little annoying… she’s one of those chicks who feels the need to rebel against everything. She just finds ways to look bad.

    Also, I’m not surprised the CW sabotaged its own hit shows. The man doesn’t want us to outshine em… even though it costs him money in the end.

  • Sparkle

    Old azzed Russ ain’t never goin to have no problem getting another young mixed chick with his multi-millions. I’m suprised he got a 25 year old. I thought he would go back and get another 17 year old. I guess Russ is finally getting old. I am glad that he found love and a similar interest in yoga with the Mississippi born Porschla. She seems like a nice sweet Southern charmer.

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    Women looove gold


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