Update: Parents of Slain Spelman Student To Sue

- By Bossip Staff

The parents of a Spelman student killed by a stray bullet on the campus of Clark Atlanta University are filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the institution. Continue…

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  • http://myspace.com/870bg Bg(~007~)

    Not sure if this lawsuit will have any legs to stand on…But prayers to the fam!

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    That’s why these HBCU’s need to relocate from the hood…FAMU, Howard, CAU, Fisk, Hampton, NC A&T etc, are all located in the hood.

  • Kel

    Clark University is an open campus. I am so sorry this young woman lost her life to a bunch of senseless thugs, but a lawsuit will not bring their child back. I don’t see how Clark is at fault here. They can’t possibly search everyone that steps on university grounds. If they do prevail in this lawsuit, they might have to close Clark U down. BCU’s barely have enough money to operate as it is. Prayers going out to the family.

  • Pookie

    @Bg, i concur 100%

  • http://bossip.com This some Shhh...

    Yeah, I guess this is part of the mourning process. I’ve never lost a child, so I can’t honestly say how I would react in this instance. I can say my first inclination would not be to sue.

  • seriously?

    i mean..it’s an open campus? what exactly are they looking for?

  • MzRe

    I will never be able to understand why people blame people/organizations/institutions…that have nothing to do with their loss. They person/people to blame are the ones who senselessly took this young woman’s life. Sue them, the people, that actually committed the crime. However, that never happens because these people have nothign of monetary value!

  • free

    good luck getting blood from a turnip.

  • H2O ***THE WATER BOY***

    I feel sorry for the families lost…but the mother seems greedy. Money won’t bring her daughter back

  • DayShifter

    Sue the d@mn family of person that took your child’s life, not the institution that was going to make her successful.

  • Lawd da mercy

    Can’t see how sueing a Historically Black College with benefit anyone here.

    I see others share this opinion. I thought maybe I was being calious…guess not!

  • chicken little

    Although I feel for the parent’s loss, it is not the fault of the University.

    The irony in this whole situation is that the student that was killed attended Spelman, a CLOSED campus, but she was on Clark Atlanta’s campus, which is open and has several city streets running through it.

    Unfortunately, you can’t monitor every single person that walks onto an open campus.– that’s like monitoring every person that walks into a mall or grocery store– it’s not possible.

  • http://www.hbcukids.com HBCUkidz


    Have U actually been to Hampton University’s campus?

    How familiar are U with the “hoods” of Hampton Roads?

    I find it hard to describe the waterfront, gated and secluded “HOME BY THE SEA” as being
    “located in the hood”.

    What are U basing your conclusion upon?

    Are U suggesting that majority white institutions are safer because they are all located in “non hood” locations?

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