When the Checks Stop Coming In

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DMX is being accused of trying to get some hospital care for free:

On April 15, Mayo Clinic doctors thought they were treating a man named Troy Jones for pneumonia. But it was really Earl Simmons, better known as rapper DMX, trying to dodge a hospital bill, according to court documents obtained Friday. The rapper checked into the Phoenix campus’ emergency room, complaining of shortness of breath and chest pains, the documents said. “Someone in the projects is going to get the bill,” Simmons told a visitor to his hospital room, according to a May 9 search warrant served on the hospital by Maricopa County sheriff’s deputies.

The search warrant said Simmons provided the hospital “false information including name and address for billing purposes,” and that the high-profile rapper had committed the crime of “theft of services.” A confidential source inquired about Simmons’ room, but was told the hospital had no patient by that name. The source later said Simmons told him he checked in as Troy Jones to avoid paying the bill.

Still, Simmons, who owns a clothing line and acts, appears to be struggling financially. He and his wife, Tashera, who have four children, were sued in Maricopa County Superior Court last year by American Express Travel for $64,866 plus late charges, interest on a credit card and attorneys’ fees. The couple had paid a portion of the bill, but with other fees, still owed $83,353, as of April 23, court records said.

Come on now Earl, if you’re gonna do some sh*t like this, at least don’t get caught. SMH.


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  • Simply Ecstasy

    Damn shame what CRACK does to ya mind!


    Womp Womp Womp..

  • swoosh


  • Doagae

    He back on that shyt….LOL This negro claimed not to even know who Obama is and you expect any more from him????….please….

  • uptowngirl

    Just say no to drugs. SMH


    DAMN! He needs the Adult Chip Program maybe…DAMN!

  • Binary Star

    That’s that John McCain health care plan.

  • finesseyoswagger

    It’s probably more than addiction…sound like he may be suffering mental illness as well.Think about his extreme ups and downs and emotional behavior over the years.I see it EVERY day in my line of work.

  • WordzOfaProphet

    Damnn X, is this what life has reduced u 2??? Man, at least he was tryna get some kinda help…I guess dats important….LMAO I dont know dis dude is jus getting ridiculous

  • Mocha Java

    checks get smoked


    this n*gga thinks he’s Frank from “Catch Me If You Can”? he been a FBI agent..life is just 1 big game of make-believe for him huh?

  • I'm Just Me

    That nig is slipping hardbody. You slipping Earl! What is the matter with you. GET OFF THAT SHYT!

  • http://www.dreampsychic.blogspot.com DwayneTheDreamPsychic

    Maybe he hid his identity to avoid attention from staff and the press. Stars do it all the time.


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  • I'm Just Me



  • http://www.gravatar.com Re

    “Someone in the projects is going to get the bill,”

    Bwahahahahahaha, now that is the quote of 2008. I’m going to use that excuse for my rent next week, my expensive dentist appt next month, and my car note. We’ll see how far I get with that.

  • Ro Ro

    Damn man. This is just sad. It’s a shame. A damn shame.

    Not really much to say here except “JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS!!”

  • I really hope this isn't as good as it gets....

    this negroid is a fool…I hope this post doesn’t make it past 30 posts

  • Frog-a-licious

    WTF happened to DMX. Damn get yourself together.

  • http://www.gravatar.com Re

    Lol, everyone, lets all buy out the bar, and when the bartender sends the bill, just push it back across the table and say, “Naw, someone in the hood will take care of this.”

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty


  • mrslaadee

    I mean…his is a crackhead! What he did was just a crackhead move.

  • Anonymous

    pneumonia huh. AIDS symptoms maybe???

  • Al-Anon

    “Someone in the projects is going to get the bill,”


    He’d better be careful, cuz if he jacked up somebody’s Medicaid from the project he’d be in the emergency room with a bullet hole in his ass!!

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!

    Damn X, it’s become very difficult to defend your dumb a$$. SMDH

  • House

    Man oh Man, this dude is so talented. I have no idea why he continues to place himself into situations like these. Please X stay off the X just walk away from the light

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