Domestic Disputes: Queen Pen

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Queen Pen was getting her ass whooped by her ex:

Queen Pen, a tough-talking rapper and advocate for domestic violence victims, is in fear for her life as police hunt her ex-boyfriend, who allegedly pummeled her in front of their children and broke her Grammy Award in a fit of blind rage. Pen, 35, said she was attacked May 9 after an argument, during which her ex – Kendall Wicker, 29 – trashed her East Flatbush apartment, put a brick through her windshield and threatened to kill her.

The outburst came three months after Pen told police that Wicker, who is the father of two of the rapper’s five children, punched her in the face so hard during a dispute that she needed oral surgery to secure teeth knocked loose by the blow. A police report of the incident makes no mention of a physical assault and neither Pen nor police have seen Wicker since the latest incident.

When are men gonna start being men and stop putting their hands on women? That trashing of her apartment and throwing a brick through her windshield sounds like some b*tch sh*t, for real.


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  • I'm Just Me



    that ish is effed up…man.. i hope she is ok..but damn in front of the children…

  • I'm Just Me

    QUEEN PEN!! WHOO…Haven’t heard that name in a minute!! Wow!

    Dude is a b*tch @$$ n*gga…you never beat on women and certainly not in front of the children. They throwing bricks through the windshield? Ole Boy needs to get on…faggot @$$ n*gga!

  • tg102

    I don’t feel sorry for her. In fact I feel sorry for him. This is not the 50s and woman are not victims they once were. Most men don’t go around punching women in the face. What you never hear is where her responsibility lies. Oh I forgot. She has none. Only the bad man. No one like being hit or abused and that includes men. You just won’t find them playing the victim or calling the police. I’m sure he’ll pay the price for their dysfunction.


    Damn Juicy got that nicca CRAZY. She needs a 45 with hollow points…STAT!

  • Brook

    That’s soo messed up, I just get the feeling that this is not the first time he hit her, she definitely needs a better man.

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    tg, WOW, you sound like a damn fool!! This is the 21st century and not only are some women being abused by men…but killed!! Last summer one of my sister’s best friends was murdered by an ex…and in talking to different people, it’s amazing how many also had stories of domestic abuse or murder.

    Sure there’re a small percentage of men getting their asses kicked by women, and that’s not right either. However, for you to post such idiocy tells me that either you’ve been down that road before or are simply a misogynistic punk.

  • soulwoman

    It is stated in the article that this is not the first time he hit her.

    But ex-boyfriend? What happened to her marriage? I remember she was in Sister 2 Sister magazine w/ wedding pictures and everything a few years back. How many kids do she have? I’m not blaming her for getting beat but she really needs to get herself together. She goes from man to man – and stay having a baby by a dude. She has at least 4 babby daddies. It’s like she is afraid to be alone.

  • BB

    Maybe she needs to move out of Flatbush for starters.

  • Coop

    I heard on the Jamie Foxx show and she said this has been going on since the early 90’s. When I listened to the interview it sounded like they did this stupid sh*t back and fourth to each other she talked about slashing his tires and beating up his female friends. So just maybe they both are nuts and need help.

  • I'm Just Me

    @ TG:

    Please. Why couldn’t he just walk away if it was like that. That is her ex so obviously she was trying to move on from him. Possessive @$$ n*ggas just don’t know how to let it go and move on. If her mouth was crazy why not just leave until cooler heads prevail. Yes it is his fault for putting his hands on her. A real man knows when to say enough is enough. And i guess it is also okay that the children got to witness their mother being beat up by their pops (for the ones who are biologically his) and by their mom’s ex. That is cool too. So that these kids can begin to learn that this life is okay huh? I guess you don’t know about the cycle of violence.


    You need to shut the f*ck ip on this one.

  • I'm Just Me


  • Mississippi Girl

    Ok! Who in the hell is Queen Pen?

  • SonOfBaldwin

    This story is for all those women who claim they want a “thug.”

  • And.....

    tg102-you must be a woman beater. Sounds like you are making a lame ass excuse and justification for hitting a woman.

    I don’t care what Queen Pen has done to him, there is no excuse for him to beat her down like a she’s n****a on the street, especially in front of their kids. Hell no.

  • bree

    i didn’t know Queen Penn had a GRAMMY, let alone 5 children!!!!.. wtf?!!

    Domestic Violence is bad!

  • Al-Anon

    My mother’s best friend spent seven years in prison for shooting her husband for beating her. The judge gave her seven years because he told her that this was her fault because she CHOSE a loser and she should have left a long time ago. It shouldn’t have to come to someone’s death for her to change things.

  • P

    Men should never hit women, but also, women should never take an argument in that direction and put their fingers in men’s faces or try to push them around.


    I am man and if I ever get the feeling I want to punch out a chick I’m supposed to be feelin then it means I walk away. Certain personality types just dont mix, I aint mad. IMO Niccas that hit women most times is insecure & cant stand the thought of another man rutting and ramming up in what they think belongs to them only. No true self-worth. Dudes like this are some sorry azzz niccas. When one door closes, another opens. Knowledge is Power.

  • AB

    Queen Pen? Grammy??? WTF!!! Is there a store that sells these things???

  • Jahpson

    oh gross, I have her shoes.

  • Harlem Chic

    @ Son of Baldwin…

    I concur.

  • lovely and amazing

    I just had to sign on and read SMDH comments on this. I’m goingto checklater for CC’s comments. I know she’s going to bring it for real.

    Queen Penn, you and your children are in my prayers. May you embrace the strength to overcome.

  • P

    A man should respect a woman and never hit her. A woman should respect a man and not step to him in a physical fight sort of way.

    Keep it verbal and civil. The moment you get physical with a man, even one who would never hit a woman, you’ve crossed a boundary, and certain men may not have that same respect for you.

  • P

    And obviously, if you man has a problem with his fists, call the damn police, stop protecting these people.

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