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Akon refuses to deny or confirm claims that he lied about living a life of crime:

“‘We’re doing so many positive things. To go back and focus and put energy on negative things like that, to try to discredit an artist, it makes no sense to me. If there was a motive for it, it would be worth entertaining. I’d rather keep it the way it is and leave the article out there. It only helps me. It’s not something I was trying to glorify or turn back to. It was something I was trying to forget. Actually, it worked out for me in a positive way.'”

Whatever works, right Akon? Just like enforcing “Konvict” stereotypes about black men and crime worked out in a “positive way” for your career. SMH.


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  • Rox

    Grow up!

  • guilty pleasure

    Plz give him some Visine…..

  • Earth Sign

    I like Akon, he makes good music

  • cmoore

    i sense his right eye drifting….

  • bootlegger


  • Doc

    dunb statement Akon. plus you ugly.

  • swoosh


  • the real dre


    dumb statement right? look at ur comment and learn how to spell!!! now who has a dumb statement!!!!! put ur pic up and lets see how u look fool!!! AKON ur thing, ur music is on FIRE!!!

  • the real dre


  • bree

    8 is great!

  • bree

    damn, i was number 10 & now 11

  • I'm Just Me

    I love his music…but AKON you named your label Konvict….I mean that just sounds very negative right there. You still seem like you are perpertraing a fraud.

  • Star Eyed

    Hes an effin loser, who does he think he is? Another No Cents? SMH!

    Hes an effin loser to blatently lie about being a criminal to up his game in the rap industry whatever,,

    I never liked that loser, he’s a shifty man ..

  • Aunt Viv

    Akon, you are this generation’s Vanilla Ice. Ridiculous.

  • Doc

    @the real dre. I only blog in here, i dont take this shyt seriously. and why would i post my pic up in this sh*t?(no offensive to those who post their pic)Im not desperate for publicity. post you email so i can pesonally send you some of my pics and I look %100 better than Akon . by the way i love Akon music however he is ugly as hell. I’ll just give him credit for his talent. But physical beuty he doenst have any.

  • I'm Just Me



  • the real dre



  • K-ten

    Akon is stupid. I realized that when he said he would be the first black person to sing country music if he pursued that career. He’s just a wannabe, and I never liked his voice. he should go work at wal-mart or something.

  • plv550

    Akon is full of crap. It doesn’t take rocket science to see that. Most of hip hop is fabricated anyway. Why do you think so many rappers turn into actors? Cause’ they’re already acting.

  • Ghost

    thugs don’t brag or snitch on themselves of what they’ve done.


    Well my school is full of morons that just love to brag about what they have done and then wonder why they get busted by cops so often.

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    Tricky black munchkin! How do you get your voice so high?

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