What is Wrong With This Picture? Is That You Knifed-Up Sammy

- By Bossip Staff

This is future baseball Hall of Famer, Sammy Sosa, in Vegas this week. If you don’t know what is exactly wrong with picture, go under the hood to see what knifed up Sammy looked like before.

Poor thang.

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  • Dr. Heather

    He looks like a different person!!!!!


    He looks lighter.

  • Mr. Comer


  • http://bossip Pimp 4 a day

    Besides looking lighter, he doesn’t look any more different than before. At least to me anyway.

  • http://www.boikultur.com SouLKid

    lol…i think its just make up on the first picture.
    The 2nd picture looks scary though. heck, they all look awful.

  • http://facebook jay

    he turning “mike”.i meant white.lol

  • Syxxifux

    Is that his wife? Regardless of who she is….her left breast looks bigger than her right breast……or is it because of the way she’s standing?


    What happened to his beautiful brown skin? SMH. Does he think that pasty white sick skin color looks good on him? Funny, I don’t know who this guy was but I thought, Hmm, his skin tone doesn’t look natural, he looks like he is meant to be dark skinned and boy WAS I RIGHT! Makeup doesn’t make you 5 shades lighter people…

  • WTF

    Hollywood & Fame will make you do some crazy stuff. It seems like no true people of color appreciate their beautiful skin when they’re famous…so sad that fame can change a person like that

  • Reazon

    Is that you bleached up Sammy?? And why does his partner have a case of wonk-eye AND wonk-boob?? Sack the surgeon

  • Ouch!

    YUCK!!! He was not all that cute b4

  • http://www.exclusivemarketing.biz Barry

    It’s the lighting, that’s all. He hasn’t done anything to his face.

  • num1dominicano

    come on Sammy……you look ridiculous…

  • Kool Breeze

    Thats funny because thurs I was channel surfing and came upon the latin grammy awards and I stopped to check out the fine latina women in the audience but for some reason the camera kept veering toward some funny looking pale dude…low and behold now I see its Sammy…SMFH. This brown skin dude is obviously tryin to look white to fit in with the white looking latino’s (common among) dark skin latino’s. This cat don’t even realize that millions of folks remember that he was brown skin before and now he pulls this michael jackson imitation. Get it right sammy because a lot of people are losing respect for you since you’re trying to be something you’re not. Thats one thing I can’t stand is a phony behind Interloper.

  • lele

    he looks the same just lighter

  • Lisa

    Some of these black latinos need a reality check. Afro latinos with self hate is not cute. Black Americans like Lil Kim probably think he looks good SMH

  • http://bossip miss dior

    Definitely had surgery…lol.

  • I'm Just Me: Keeping It Real Since 1983. BOSSIP DOESN'T LIKE WHEN US BLOGGERS KEEP IT REAL

    IDK who the hell these people are but that cannot be Sammy Sosa not at all. That man is not Sammy.

    But I am with the person that said the left breast of the woman is bigger than the right. What the heck is up that? .

  • I'm Just Me: Keeping It Real Since 1983. BOSSIP DOESN'T LIKE WHEN US BLOGGERS KEEP IT REAL

    Morning Slide!

    I knew you would notice!!!

  • Kool Breeze

    @ I’mjustsayin’

    Correction my brother the damage has been done. When he applied that skin lightener to his face that speaks volumes. By the way if you saw how pasty and filmy this brother looked at the latina grammy’s you would be shocked.

  • UkFunKY

    if anything he looks lighter but that might be down to makeup or lighting ….. at the most this man has done some bleaching but that’s all i see.

  • The Bear...YES I'm BACK

    He’s not knifed up at all. HE has been bleaching the heck outta his skin though.

    SMH @ Self Hatred.

    Black skin is a beautiful ting people!!!!!!

  • Angee

    Damn Sammy!

  • bluekid

    ROFL! She should have not warn that dress you can tell her fake breast or fake.

  • another one

    he’s dominican i believe. i have heard they can be kind of self hating, not wanting to be associated with haiti or the african part of their heritage.

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