For Discussion: “If You Put It Up to a Vote of the People, We’d Have Slavery Again.”

- By Bossip Staff

This week on Larry King Live, there was a discussion about how the legislature in the state of Maine made same sex marriages legal. Now they have given the vote to the residents of Maine to really decide whether or not that want this law apart of their state even though the legislature already decided on it. Then is how the conversation went.

J. KING: That’s absolutely right. And California, of course, when Prop 8 passed, when they repealed same-sex marriage out in California, …that is one of the things that generated this moving of people on both sides of that issue deciding to go back to the ballot. And, as you know, in California, many people wanted to take a little time to organize, supporters of same-sex marriage.

But if you see this Maine vote now and again — let’s watch it play out. But right now, the anti-gay marriage — those who oppose same-sex marriage are winning in the State of Maine, with about 30 percent more of the vote to count, though. And Maine is the state where in some those faraway rural counties. We may not have all of that in, Larry, until the morning.

Reform Party: You’re shaking your head, Jesse.

VENTURA: Well, it just shows a great example that there’s not a separation of church and state, is there?

I mean my position is this. You can’t put a civil rights issue on the ballot and let the people decide. You have to have elected officials who have courage, Larry, to make the right decisions.

Reform Party: The legislature did pass this.

VENTURA: Exactly. But now they’re putting it up to the vote of the people. I’ve got news for you, if you put it up to a vote of the people, we’d have slavery again, depending on how you worded it.

With Jessie Ventura, former Govenor of Minnesota and professional wrestler, making this statement, he makes it seems as the people of this country have no sense to know exactly what they are voting for.

What we want to know is, do you agree with Jessie Ventura, that if decisions are left up to the people to vote, that slavery would exist in some states in this country???

Larry King Live

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  • Hannibal

  • cmb5163


  • Tracey

    Another thing about the ignorant homogenous inbred arrogant white race, if they werent so business taking work out of this western countries to eastern countries for cheap labour and massive profits and paid people properly at home, we all would be doing a lot better, there would be much more jobs, lot less crime and more people paying taxes and giving to charity.

    The Whites are greedy, selfish, awful people and the reason why the world is in a mess, pinpoint the causes of crime no matter what community you look at, and you can link it back to the white mans greedy, fear, selfishness and arrogance!

  • Hannibal

    @I’M JUST ME


  • deesac

    What even sad about this whole thing you probably would have a lot of blacks voting for this because they don’t think there black

  • Hannibal SuX @$$

    Ha he is right , people are stupid, too bad im left to socially comment with less intelligent of sort on this blog

  • khayce

    if ignorance was a deadly disease every last blogger who believed in the negeative garbage they wrote would and should be dead!

  • Truthfully

    I’m pretty sure I’m being censored.

  • khayce

    negative yes i can properly spell!

  • buggin_out

    Gov. Ventura was making a rhetorical point. The point he was demonstrating is that in a full democracy majority rules. But a “majority rules” dictum leaves the minority in any issue vulnerable to abuse by an unscrupulous majority. Despite what most people believe and have been taught, the United States is not a full democracy. The United States is a representational republic. Therefore, in the United States certain rights are deemed inalienable and no majority can impinge upon them. What Gov. Ventura was demonstrating is the fallacy of putting a civil rights issue up to a majority vote. If the group whose rights are being infringed upon are in the minority then a majority can always revoke their rights when put to a vote. However, a civil right is not granted by the government nor the people, but is given by virtue of being a human.

  • darealist352

    Elhaq that was going to be my second point look at our drug laws and who they are aimed at. One of those guys had a ponzi scheme of like 20 million dollars and he got 7 years and if you get caught with a kilo of powder you gonna get more time than that and they’re going to take everything you own from you also. If you can figure out a way to rob folks the “white collar way” you don’t have to worry about a thing. Also they just had a bust of those wallstreet guys with that insider trading stealing millions of dollars using wire taps and other tactics mostly used for drug dealers. It’s crazy they just now thinking to use those things for people that are getting actually rich off of crime than someone making 2 or 3 dollars hustling

  • darealist352

    How many black people do you see standing up for real issues yeah you might see them come out for photo op here and there and say what people need to do while going back to there homes in the suburbs I think if it ever comes down to it most black folks with money and a lil power would side wit white people for the sake of losing there so called positions its said but its true. It takes a real tragedy for influential black folks to care about the problems going on n the real black commmunity they all have there foundations and all that but they never made it to where i came from

  • I'm Just Me: Keeping It Real Since 1983....Currently @ the Library

    @I’M JUST ME



    It’s cool but we are going to do better right Hanni??

  • darealist352

    Everyone always downing welfare and food stamps and all that how else are we going to help the poor depend on people that have to help the people that don’t. You know that will never happen. Sometimes people are stuck not everyone can go to college you have to go in debt for like 30 years if you do. You can’t raise a family working at Mcdonalds. The rich have been getting richer for years now especially under bush. If you don’t already have property or your family doesn’t have money its a 1000 times harder to make it in this country

  • I'm Just Me: Keeping It Real Since 1983....Currently @ the Library

    prisons are private businesses, the gov’t doesnt own and control all our prisons. actually they only control a few, most of the prisons are privately owned…


    This is very true!!!

  • http://bossip Shawn Jones


    If you don’t already have property or your family doesn’t have money its a 1000 times harder to make it in this country

    Go tell that to the people in Africa.

    Regarding welfare………. Its needed but it is being abused to the point that it has become the abuser

    Regarding your comments on crime……. Be clearer in the future as to what crimes you’re talking about. If you think drug dealing is a victimless crime, talk to the crack baby or the person who had a crime committed against them by a drug addict.

  • http://bossip Shawn Jones


    You have an illness. It’s called victimization syndrome. Don’t worry it can be cured. The cure is called taxes. lol

  • ike

    he’s right. there was this poll on cnn asking people what they thought about “women’s suffrage.” like ninety percent of respondents were like.. women’s suffrage is bad and should stop. not knowing women’s suffrage was actually women’s right to vote…not women’s suffering. so yeah ventura’s very right.

  • DNL

    Hell Yeah there would be! Im nervous to think it is not an impossible thought

  • darealist352

    @Shawn Jones

    I made away with the hand I was dealt and I’m doing pretty good I might add. I’m speaking for people that don’t have the opportunity I had and don’t know the things I know. It’s easy to ash people when you don’t know what they had to go through and what got them in the situation they are in. I know I’m not a victim I wish I could help people that are going through what they are instead of just trying to knock them down further

  • Redbone_Darkbutt_Black_White (It's just coochie)

    he’s just telling the truth — john mccain got the MAJORITY of white votes, running with a MONUMENTAL NUT CASE as his v-p candidate.

    perhaps 30-40% of whites in this country merely “tolerate” black citizens — there are far more people out there like “dog the bounty hunter” than there are like the damn kardashian family (where race apparently DOESN’T matter).

  • Dwoodard

    Hell Yes,,, not even a question…

  • Marquis de Sade

    The cynical part of me has to agree with Jesse. I live in California, and was shocked that Prop. 8 passed…Hell, even most of the right-winged pundits on KFI AM (a conservative radio station) was shocked that it passed. Most voters are either stupid, simple or all of the above.

  • Keify (west-Bmore)

    HE AIN’T NEVA LIED!!!!!!! (Yes, I whole-heartedly agree with former Giv. Ventura!)

  • Symone

    What is wrong with pink people today? First coco, now this mickey fickey! 🙄

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