Young Sisters Go Viral For Reading Nightly Bedtime Stories To Kids

#BlackGirlMagic Young Sisters Go Viral For Reading Nightly Bedtime Stories To Kids Around The World [Video]

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Sisters Read Bedtime Stories To Kids Around The World On Social Media

Two sisters are sharing their love for reading with kids around the world thanks to their nightly bedtime stories on social media.

According to ABC News, Zaria, 13, and Hailey Willard, 8, of Dover, Delaware share their stories on Facebook Live and Instagram. On their Facebook page, they explain:

“We are already reading each night but we thought it may be beneficial for children who won’t get that luxury.”

We’re not gonna cry. We’re not gonna cry.

Zaria went on to tell GMA:

“Sunday we go to the library and pick out books for the week. We pick books with characters who look like us, because not a lot of kids see books with characters who look like us. We read at 8 p.m. and split it up. We like reading because sometimes people can’t read themselves or they’re young or their parents don’t have time.” 



Hailey went on to say that she’s a big fan of Dr. Seuss, and she lists “Green Eggs & Ham,” “Go Dog, Go” and “Are You My Mother?” as her all-time favorites.

The brand has been strong since February and their mom Victoria Willard said she had to be persuaded, at first, to carry out the girls’ idea. “People are mean online,” Willard told GMA. 

Even though momma wanted to keep her girls safe, she began to realize that they wanted to impact the world. “I couldn’t hold them back from that,” she said.

Momma listed some ground rules for her kids:

  • No responding to comments or messages before mom peeps them first.
  • Certain folks they can’t follow back on social media.
  • Adhere to the household cell phone rules: No phones after 9 p.m. and no phones at the dinner table.
  • Don’t let the fame get to their head.

“I’ve been reading to them since they were in the womb,” Willard said. “My house is full of books.”

The two sisters even have authorship on their mind. Apparently, the two are working on their own kids series.

“One is the writer and one is the illustrator … it’s about blended military families,” Willard told GMA. The two girls’ father is in the Navy and can be gone for weeks at a time.

“Just be responsible” Willard said of her brilliant young daughters. And also…

“Whatever happens, you still have chores to do.”

Yes ma’am!

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