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Remy Ma Brags About Her Real Hair

Remy Ma is conceited, and her reason starts with quality hair care. The rapper showed off her natural grown out hair after tending to it for some time, she says. Apparently, her healthy head of follicles gets Pappoose’s juices flowing. She also knows that it’s hard to keep your hair healthy under a wig, throwing a little shade in there:

Everybody always bragging about “slaying” hair and “having inches” but they be talking about wigs, frontals, closures, & units. Unfortunately, A LOT of hairstylists don’t take the time or simply don’t know how to take care of YOUR REAL hair. Allegedly, weaves & braids are SUPPOSED to be “protective styles” but UNDERNEATH them “inches” a lot chicks be looking crazyyyy. I have been searching and FINALLY found someone to slay MY hair. Natural and chemical free. NONE at all!!! Cut ALL my damaged hair, gave me some miracle working treatment and some other stuff & NO LIE my hair FEELS amazing!!

Hit play to see Remy’s hair bounce. Are YOU feeling it?



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