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77-Year-Old Murders Another Victim After Being Released From Prison

Albert Flick, who is now 77-years-old, served a 25-years prison sentence after he stabbed his wife to death in front of her daughter back in 1979. Shortly after he was released, he was jailed again for four more years after attacking a woman in 2010. When he was released in 2014, he was deemed “too old to be dangerous,” but the Washington Post reports that Flick was convicted once again on Wednesday of stabbing a homeless woman 11 times in broad daylight, in front of her two sons.

In 2010, a judge ignored the prosecutors’ requests for a longer sentence following his attack on a woman, stating that Flick was not a threat due to his age–this was when he was in his late ’60s.

He committed his second murder last year, targeting homeless woman Kimberly Dobbie after he became obsessed with her and began to stalk her. He reportedly learned that she was planning to leave Lewiston, Maine–which is where Flick moved to when he was released in 2014–and he thought to himself, “If I can’t have her, I will kill her.”

Flick bought a pair of knives at a Walmart prior to the day of the killing. The next day, he proceeded to attack and murder Dobbie in front of a laundromat, piercing both her heart and lungs in the process. Her 11-year-old twin sons and three men all witnessed the attack and attempted to stop him, but were unsuccessful.

“It was soul-crushing for them,” juror Caitlain Jasper said about the incident. “And they’ll never be able to forget it.”

Before Flick killed Dobbie, he became so obsessed with her that he started to eat at the same homeless shelter as her in order to get closer. Eslie Clement, who saw Albert stab her mother to death back in 1979, said the judge responsible for freeing him will have to answer for their lax sentencing of him in 2010.

“I would like to just see [everyone involved] in a line and stand there and tell [Dobbie’s] boys, explain to them how this man was on the streets and how it’s OK,” she said. “How the law makes it alright for their mom to now be gone and for them to have to witness it”

Albert Flick was convicted of murder on Wednesday, and, this time, it looks likely that he’ll actually spend the rest of his life in prison. The charges carry a minimum 25-year sentence, and prosecutors plan to request that he be placed behind bars for life.



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