NCSI: Los Angeles has LL Cool J and CSI: New York has Attention Whores

- By Bossip Staff

LL Cool J was seen taking a little break on the set of NCSI in Los Angeles. It seems like the creator of CSI is attempting to make the show a star studded event. Nelly has appeared on one episode this season already, now guess what attention whores are coming up next…

LaLa Vasquez and her BFF Kim Kardashian along with Vanessa Minnillo. We wouldn’t be surprise if Kimmy Cakes said the only way she would do it is if her best bud LaLa could do it too. Well, what about Ci-ERROR, she hasn’t been dropped from the threesome has she???

Check Out LL Cool J’s Role on NCSI:

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  • DDub (The truth and nothin' but)

    One of the few minorities headlining a hit show… We really need more directors and producers to help us infiltrate this segregated industry.

  • Anonymous

    It’s NC -I-S not NCSI

  • unknowntheartist

    Yep, I’m with Anonymous, let’s get them acronyms done right! NCIS cases deal with people who are serving their country. CSI cases seem to deal with people who are only interested in serving themselves so it’s no surprise about these H’Wood Hoes…

  • rico 9

    those jews arent trying to let anyone else in the biz

  • Stephanie in TeXXas

    more L more L more L… he’s a godlike. and you never hear ANYTHING bad about him. love him.

  • Ralph Oteon

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