From The Bus To BIG Bucks, Mimi Faust Is The Unbothered Icon We All Deserve

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Mimi Faust

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In a world where people are constantly so pressed, Mimi Faust is the cool, calm, and collected reality star we never knew we needed.

The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta celebrity we now know and love didn’t always live a life of luxury. Born Oluremi Fela James, Mimi was raised by a mother who was active in the world of Scientology and she didn’t meet her biological father until she was 16-years-old. Faust was put out to fend for herself at the age of 13, which jump-started her journey toward being the resilient woman we know her to be today.

“In the midst of her Love & Hip Hop stardom, a sex tape featuring Faust and her then-boyfriend Nikko London was released through Vivid Entertainment in 2014.”

Making her way into the world of entertainment in the early 2000’s, Mimi appeared in the music videos for Kelly Price’s “It’s Gonna Rain” and Pharrell Williams’ single “Frontin'” alongside the likes of  Lauren London and Lanisha Cole. Almost 10 years later, she was cast on the first season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta alongside her boyfriend and baby daddy Stevie J.

In the midst of her Love & Hip Hop stardom, a sex tape featuring Faust and her then-boyfriend Nikko London was released through Vivid Entertainment in 2014. Entitled Scandal in Atlanta, the couple admitted to the tape being staged after initially claiming luggage containing the video was stolen. Despite any criticism from castmates, it has become one of the most popular tapes released by the pornography company and was even nominated for an AVN award.

Now, after all these years in the spotlight, Mimi has secured her spot as one of the most poised and put-together reality stars ever, which earns her a seat in the Hall Of Fame.

From dealing with the never-ending drama that is Stevie J to a recent home-invasion that apparently resulted in her getting shot at, Faust’s life is anything but a cakewalk–but she still keeps her head held high

With all the craziness that goes on in the world of reality TV, Mimi always knows how to calmly steal a scene with memorable moments like eating a burrito during her Love & Hip Hop confessional. And we love her for it.

So take your seat in the Reality TV Hall Of Fame, miss Mimi Faust. Make yourself comfortable, you’re gonna be here for a while.

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