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The Reverend Al Sharpton’s National Action Network has issued a response in regards to recent allegations that he was on some extortion ish:

“According to Bruce Williams, a confidant of Dr. Dre and author of the recently released book Rollin’ With Dre, Sharpton allegedly demanded $500,000 dollars from the mega-producer to end The Game’s feud with 50 Cent, or NAN would organize a march and boycott.

Here’s an excerpt of the statement:

“‘The National Action Network and Reverend Al Sharpton were not involved with and did not attend a press conference held by Hip-Hop artists The Game and 50 Cent to announce their truce and donation to charities,’ a representative for Reverend Sharpton [said] a statement. ‘At no point has Reverend Al Sharpton or an authorized representative of National Action Network met with Dr. Dre.'”

Wow, say it isn’t so Al. We’re not saying that he did it, but if he did, he could at least retire that hot comb and hire a real hair stylist once and for all.


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  • Aunt Viv

    Whoa Al! He should definitely get his conk game back up-his hair hasn’t been looking good lately.

  • MDM.Org

    Al’s got to get paid too, I guess.

  • I'm Just Me

    I don’t know if I believe this at all. I think this book writer is trying to get paid. I was listening to Game on Wendy Williams and he was trying to start mad shyt with this. If this was supposed to be about Dre he needed to keep it about Dre. What is what the name dropping Bruce?

  • http://www.myspace.com/thegameoncw Bird

    Well shoot, the man gotta make a living somehow. I always wondered where he got his money.

  • as seen on t.v.

    you know it always made me laugh that al sharpton when asked why he wore his hair that way he said it was a tribute to james brown…this was before jb died…

  • jimecap

    $500,000 to end a feud between 50 and Game? Please…For that kinda money he should be ending the Iraq war.

  • Chaka

    Al extorts money from large companies all the time. That’s how he and Jesse Jackson can afford to run around the country doing their various deeds.

  • Prophetess

    Preach jimecap!

    “$500,000 to end a feud between 50 and Game? Please…For that kinda money he should be ending the Iraq war”



  • Realmatic

    of course he shakes every body down. Just like the Reverend Jesse Jackson. These are our “black leaders” that so many of you blindly follow. Remember that Tawana Brawley made up story…didn’t that fraud tell you something about this man? Everything he does is bs. The whole Rutgers basketball thing. He specializes in shell games and red herrings…while you’re looking over there at some bulls**t he’s working over here grabbing the cash.

    Learn the game dummies.

  • Somer

    @REALMATIC……….100%COSIGN. I am always bringing up Tawana. I think many bloggers are to young to remember the case but they need to do their homework on ole Al. I have more of a problem with him kicking it at Jay-z’s 40/40 club on opening night in Vegas. He is hanging around all these hip hop stars who are responsible for SOME of the most negative images of blacks today.

  • dre

    do u see why i dont belive in activist… aka al shaprton rev jackson shady motherf&ckers!!!!!

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    Jessie n’ Al are two very shady individuals that always seem to jump on the bandwagon when there is a big case with big dollars attached at the end. They expect at least a 10% donation to their organizations for being a part of a cause which will keep them going. I beleive that they both wanted to be “like” MLK and be great leaders for black people. But it seems that they’ve both fallen so short of that no matter how hard they tried…. their just too darn shiesty.

  • Bubothehater

    Al is dirty as all get up. He got caught on tape buying cocaine, mad eup the Tawana Brawly story and now oes back taxes. Go away Al.

  • Lush-Us Lipps

    I don’t believe this… Rev. Al’s the man!

  • memchee

    Al should know that the u.s. govt. comes in all shapes sizes and blackness.

    Al must be gaining respect in more than the 3 corners of the black community!

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    Read between the lines people, it said neither Al or anyone associated with Al approached Dr Dre, Al could have sent anyone to do his bidding, he didnt have to be employed by Al, besides if this isnt true he can sue the author of that book, but that aint gonna happen because dude has proof.

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    You mean Jesse “illegitimate kids” Jackson and Al “Mr Perm, I’ll cut it off once james brown isnt with us anymore, Tawana Brawley, Poverty pimp” Sharpton aint doing all this protesting for free? You mean Al and Jesse can see a baby get shot by the cops and if you dont give them a percentage of your lawsuit settlement youre just some dead n**ga?

    Who woulda thought they werent doing this from the heart?

  • And.....

    It’s true! This is how they get paid. I remember when I was college at an HBCU and we were trying to save a dearly beloved president from being fired over some racial BS by the State. Our SGA contacted Jesse Jackson to bring some national attention and help to fight our cause and that MF said he would do it we came up with (drum roll please) $500,000!

    They are nothing but shake-em-down extortionists. That’s how they get paid. Some groups in Detroit requested Al to come and help do something about the sleazy mayor. Al Sharpton has not said a damn thing about removing the Detroit Mayor. Why? Because he was paid to say nothing but POSITIVE things about Killempatrick, even though this man might be involved in murdering a stripper.

    And they have the audacity to call themselves REVERENDS!

  • Somer

    Angel……….Obama’s camp is very intelligent. They have not allowed any photo ops for these 2 clowns. They would not allow Obama to be in the same city as Al or Jesse.

    One time they slipped up by letting Obama call into the Tom Joyner morning show the morning of the Penn primary. How about Joyner put Rev. Al on 3 way & had a conversation. Barack handled it well but got off the phone quickly. I know Obama’s camp was pissed at Tom Joyner.

  • The Bear

    I’m no fan of Sharpton but yet still I don’t believe anything this Bruce Williams cat has to say in or about his book. He should sit down.

  • creolediva

    now yall know crooked letter “i” for incompetent yoked them nuccas up…dont forget, revvy rev from UPTOWN! Harlem, USA, lol…his overprocessed asss asked them dudes for payola and he knows it…he stinks…hes rotten…who made him the face of all things black??? he denounces gangsta rap but hes on pics throwing up the roc, wtf?? GTFOH!!! and when the f*ck does he find the time to minister??? where is his chuuch?? and WHO the hell is the congregation??? this dude is a wanksta…might as well be reverend ike from good times…

  • creolediva

    for those of yall that dont know it, thats what him and messy jessy do, they go to large corporations, find some racial sh*t and threaten a boycott if their organizations arent donated to…its their bread & butter…they are CROOKS and exploit black causes to make a buck…please dont pur your trust or faith into these charlatains…name ONE thing that the rainbow coalition has done other than march to help ANYONE??? ill wait….

    and btw, there are so many genuine black quiet heroes that do so much for our community that go unnoticed…if u do it from the heart, u dont need photo ops…

  • creolediva


    chile say it again!! i thought it was just me that knew what was up…ive known for years what made those jokers tick…one word…green…NOT black!

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