Bey Bey and Julius Caught Leaving a Hotel Looking Like They Just…

- By Bossip Staff

Beyonce and her bodyguard Julius were spotted leaving a Berlin hotel headed to the airport looking real suspect.  Flip the hood to see the two in action.

Now normally, this would be a typical out and about pic of the two, but Julius’ lips being a Sasha Fierce shade of red and Beyonce covering her lips with her lace front, lead us to believe that they may be hiding something.

We’re just saying… SMH

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  • WOW?

    IS Beyonce cheating? Julius is full of red lipstick.

  • Say What???

    Can you blame her????

  • Tracey

    By the way, I dont think Bey is cheating, she is just with a bodyguard!

  • ME

    That ring of hers is so gaughty! I don’t see why women like big stones like that.

  • ChopzMaQaJ


  • tg

    Her lips were not covered in the top pix. Looks like she got on pink lipstick, not red.

  • http://bossip ms.dani

    and why is this wrong.does anybody have any proof a wedding took place.other than them sayn it did.and im not a fan of either artist.maybe they both enjoy tha bodyguard.they both play 4 either team depending on how they are feeling.

  • ChopzMaQaJ

    Look at her hair, the pic on top is not from the same day. Her hair and clothes are different. F-in IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!

  • Tuesday's Child

    I think they’ve at least fooled around. You dont spend that much time around an attractive man (esp when ur husband is less than…) and not have some sort of spark @ one time or another. I mean you think Julius stays in his adjoining room and they never share fun and laughs?

  • The Truth

    If Beyonce has any babies it will be with Julius and not Joe Camel. Knowing Bey she’s probably faking it with the Camel and loving it with her bodygaurd. She probably sings I Will Always Love You while he bangs her from behind. LMAO

  • ChopzMaQaJ

    Didnt mean to go that hard, I retract my F’in Idiot statement. But yeah take a look dem pics is different, look at hair and clothes.

  • http://bossip humble

    U have got to be kidding me! this man’s lips pink everywhere he goes. this is just the color of his lips. Man if these people did not have thick skin and listen to everything you guys put out u would damage every marriage their is. SHE IS NOT SLEEPING WITH THIS MAN! Nevertheless this is after the awards in Europe that her and Jay both attended. U can tell by her nail color. If you look on the photos she took with her husband that night it is the same thing.

  • ChopzMaQaJ

    F&*k it though, you know Jay gotta be gettin it in too. I mean how much are they really with each other. Men and women got needs ya know.

  • Tracey

    The man is her bodyguard!

    Picures not taken the same day!

    If anything where Beys hair has curls, they were taken first, then she has obviously had her hair done the same day or another day!

    Wasnt the MTV awards held in germany, I could very well image she needs a bodyguard and has done a lot of public appearences!

    Maybe she is covering up, because she looks rough and is without make up?

  • Choco

    Beyonce is a bama huh!!! I’ve been trying to give her a pass but I don’t know if I can…

  • Kool Breeze

    Don’t believe the hype…for jay and bey to have the same bodyguard for so long you better believe that cat is loyal like a mutha. Those dudes do have a code of ethics ya know…lol. Dude definitely wants to keep is job and his high pay, I wouldn’t risk all that if I were him. Besides why screw her when dude probably have a harem anyway and he would lose his life mess’in with jiggamans wife.

  • Lanae

    Beyonce is not even wearing red lipstick so I am not sure where the red lips came from.

  • tb

    Shoot he is fine.

  • Man, I just don't care™

    He look like he been smokin that shid in the top picture.

  • Speaking the truth..

    I am not even a bey fan…but how are you going to put up two different pics…obviously they are from two different and clothes are different.

  • brooklyn kid


  • http://... .....


  • anon09

    are people so stupid to not realise that her bodyguard is GAY???!!

  • QT Cakes

    The top pic and the suspect were not taken on the same day dummies! She’s wearing a completely different outfit, pay attention.

  • Symone


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