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North Georgia Landlord Evicts White Tenet For Having Too Many Black Guests

Racism runs so deep for some people that they even have an issue with White kids playing with Black kids. One Georgia couple was evicted by their landlord back in December 2018 for allowing their kids to have African American guests. Victoria Sutton filed a housing discrimination suit against landlords Patricia and Allen McCoy who forced her to move out of her North Georgia home because she “had a N*****” on the property.

According to the lawsuit, Sutton began inviting a black co-worker with a 5-year-old son to visit so their children could play. CNN reports:

“After one of the playdates  Allen McCoy knocked on her door and used racial slurs to refer to African Americans. He called her a “n***** lover,” the suit says, and threatened to call Child Protective Services over her having a “n***** on their property.” He told her she had two weeks to move out, adding that he’d previously evicted a woman who’d tried to let an African American person move in with her.”

Just like most racists, McCoy denied the allegations, telling reporters he wasn’t prejudiced, “some of the best friends I got is colored.” Unfortunately, housing discrimination is nothing new. According to legal director Sean J. Young, filed the lawsuit on Sutton’s behalf,

“Housing discrimination is one of the most pernicious forms of discrimination today. It contributes to inequality and  can serve to limit the long-term dreams and aspirations of its victims. Where you live determines how you live.”

The eviction dispute ended up in court in October 2018, when the judge ordered the couple to give Sutton at least 60 days to move. The woman moved out later that year.


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