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Rumor Control: Wendy Denies Ex Returning As Manager In Sway Interview

Wendy Williams visited Sway In The Morning this week. Unsurprisingly, Wendy spoke candidly about her split from Kevin Hunter and the headlines around it. Sway asked Wendy about her ‘divorce’ and she quickly clarified that there aren’t any divorce papers signed…yet.

Wendy revealed that she didn’t find prenuptial papers sexy, therefore she and Kev have a few things to work out legally before a divorce pops off. She also slipped in a shout out to his new life and family.

“I want a divorce, and I want to be friends with Kevin,” she added. “I mean, and not because we have a son but because that was real love. I still love him just not in that way. You either in or you are out with me. I still have love for him, and I wish him the best in his new life with his new family.”

The most recent rumor about her split sadi that she’d be taking Kevin back as her manager. She says that is a lie.

“The only business that he can manage right now is to sign some divorce papers. I have a manager. It’s Bernie Young out there.”

All in all, Wendy has been keeping quite busy. She spoke on the comedy shows she’s been producing and hosting as well as her upcoming biopic. “Werk. werk. werk. werk. werk”, is right.

Peep Wendy clarify the rumors Kev is back on her payroll and addressing his new family at the 11:45 mark.




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