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Lil Bow Wow says bye bye to Hip-Hop and hello to acting:

“‘After 16 years in the music industry and six successful albums, I’ve decided to shift my energy to something else I’m passionate about, acting,’ he said. ‘I’m going to try to be the next Will Smith.'”

Uhh yeah..Get in line. After his riveting performance in Roll Bounce, he ought to be a shoe-in.

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    Gone big head lil boy….

  • rox

    great….diddy jr? i can’t wait for his next amazing role.

  • J

    Sixteen years in the industry? How old is he? He calls it a shift. I say that he was forced out.




    check tha new track “94 Buick”

    feat. Billy D $krilliams

  • sdfsdfg

    He is said to be found by his fans on a celeb dating site named ” M a r r y M i l l i o n a i r e . C o m ” They said most of his fans like to go that site to chat about this stars.

  • Deitre

    He was discovered at four by Snoop Dogg on the Jenny JOnes show. He’s now 21. So that would be 16 years.

  • mr mr

    give it up bow wow…good luck 2 you and omarion tho…splendid union indeed!…LOL

  • T-FAB!!!

    and this is relevant because???

  • Jackie

    For the teenie boppers out there, Bow Wow was on Snoop’s 1st CD, Doggystyle as a little boy. He was going to be Snoop’s protege’ but he decided to send him to Jermaine Dupri since he was great working with kid stars. Soooo, yes, it’s been about 16 years for Bow Wow who is now 21. I don’t blame him for trying his hand at something different. He’s doing better than a lot of us right now, so don’t know somebody’s hustle. At least he’s not getting into any dumb sh*t. Do your thang!

  • Mississippi Girl

    Every entertainer wants to be an actor, and every actor wants to be a entertainer. When are people going to realize that you need to be either or!! Not both!!! He’s giving up rapping because no one is buying his damn albums!!! So now, hes going to a Plan B! Yeah, whatever!!!

  • GA_DC

    Yep, it’s been 16 years, he’s 21 now. Bow Wow did pretty good in Roll Bounce. Don’t knock a person’s hustle when they are trying to better themselves. At least he’s attempting to advance his career. To be negative about his efforts, or anyone else’s efforts to do better is called being a HATER! It’s not very becoming.

  • soulwoman

    It make sense. His last 3 albums haven’t sold to well so…

  • gracey


    not shoe-in

  • creolediva

    but i think hes a better actor than rapper…although i dont see him as a will smith leading man type…more of the sidekick…wait a minute, its bow wow, he aint playin second string to nobody!!! NEXT!

  • I said it!!

    Come on Lil Bow Wizzy to be the next Will Smith you’d have to grow like 4ft. Maybe he can start on the Disney channel and be lil Romeo homeboy. That money dosen’t make him a man. And Will Smith if him and Jada ever break up. I’m here for you Big Willie!!

  • Lou in the Chi

    Most actors are extremely short. So I doubt if he was referring to Will’s height. What I wanna know is why all the hate? I’m sure the same ones hating are working away in their lil customer service cubicles. So just cause u can’t move up don’t knock his hustle.

  • KJF

    Didn’t he diss Will Smith a year or two ago? I thought he said something about Will not having any street credibility…

  • And...

    -Lou in the Chi

    Lol @ you talking about folk in customer service cubicles…not to mention lil ones.

    *It’s going to take some big acting chops & classes for him to avoid being a typecast robot.

  • And...


    Yes, he did. I remember – then I forgot. That was around the time he dropped the Lil off Bow Wow.

  • DaOne

    Good move but what Black Hollywood needs is better scripts. This is just a thought…since rappers “supposedly” write their on stuff and some songs are really creative. Why don’t they try to um..take a class or two…and improve their writing skills!! Then they can really secure their furture. Writing is closer to what they do anyway..b/c most rappers are not really “performers” (Diddy is not a rapper to me) they just kind of run around the stage.

  • DaOne

    Besides brother Tyler Perry…most GOOD black movies now are autobiographical…which is cool..but why do black movies that fair well at the box office have one of these things:

    1) Singing & Dancing

    2) Tyler Perry (acting or directing)

    3) Be about a former or current Black Celebrity

    3) Wyans Bros (Nuff said)

    4) Gabrielle & Morris dating

    5) The other “typical” black actors – Sanaa, Nia, Boris, Vivica, etc.

    I miss movies like “Waiting to Exhale”, “Love Jones” and “Love & Basketball”.

  • Lady Architect

    Funny how he tried to play Will Smith a while ago now that’s suddenly his idol. He’s so egotistical which is why his last 2 albums actually weren’t very successful.

  • Southern Belle 225

    I don’t like him at all but at least he has sense enough to know that rap has its cut off point. I actually thought roll bounce was cute and he did a decent job. I don’t think at this point anyone is going to take him too seriously as an adult rapper and now that Chris Brown has the tween girls on lock, his music career will only dwindle down.

  • Southern Belle 225

    @lady A….I remember when he tried to play Will Smith and look at him now! What a little idiot!

  • swoosh

    his whiney @ss

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