The Movie “Precious” Pulls in $1.8 Million Opening Weekend and Gabourey Sidibe Goes on The “Today” Show

- By Bossip Staff

“Precious” debuted this weekend at the movies and did $1.8 million. It didn’t make the top three but that is pretty damn good for a movie that was only released in 18 theaters around the US. Gabourey Sidibe made an appearance on the TODAY Show and tells how she even got the roll.

Pop it for Gabby’s Interview

Precious will be released nationwide November 20th.

If you haven’t seen the trailer take a peek…

How many of you think that this movie will be on the list for Oscar nominations???

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    she looks cute

  • Sharon

    Man somebody’s gotta help this girl lose that weight.Its going to kill her.Fat is not cute,its dangerous and life threatening

  • twinnytwin

    Oscar Worthy!!!!

  • Cocoa Brown

    I’m so happy for her! Get that paper and have fun doing it!

  • eveinthegarden

    I hear Monique plays the hell outta that role. You really will HATE her. Cant wait to see it.

  • The Grundle

    stop trying to be nice. girl looks swollen


    she’s ver articulate. Breaks the stereotype


    Most black actresses are very articulate. Halle, Gabby, Nia, Kerri, Vanessa, Angela Basset, Paula Patten, etc……….Don’t get them confused with hip hop community.

  • Darkesthourglass

    I’m sure she’ll lose the weight when she’s good and ready. And it’s always for health reasons of course. At least she has a cute face.

  • Mock Rock Star

    Wow only 18 theaters…no wonder it was always sold out. I am happy to be one of the ones who was able to see it a bit early.

  • Skipper



    Looking all like a smiling Moon Pie.

  • MsSassy P


    I agree with your comment well said.

  • Peptostreptococcus

    People are mad that her weight is being talked about…Well, she’s like the fat elephant in the room: Can’t be missed or avoided!!! It’s not like she hides it well!! It’s distracting!

  • question

    Can someone explain why really obese blacks have really dark necks? I don’t care what complextion, their necks look really dirty & black.

  • tj

    You people saying she is “cute” or beautiful live on another planet. The whole point of the story is that she’s not cute at all!!!!! You know I hate to go there on this girl, so I’ll try and make this constructive. Saw the film. She is talented (but no she does not deserve an Oscar- get real) however if she wants to continue as an actress who will be considered for leading roles she should try and lose weight. Also it is healthier that way. She can hire a trainer and everything now its up to her.
    Also Monique deserves an Oscar for sure. Mariah is my girl but she can’t act worth a darn.

  • Peptostreptococcus

    @ Question: look up the work Acanthosis nigricans. That term will explain why a lot of obese people have dark necks…it’s not dirt

  • Peptostreptococcus

    @ Question: look up the word Acanthosis nigricans. That term will explain why a lot of obese people have dark necks…it’s not dirt

  • Shutup

    @question. You are a complete IDIOT!

  • Kiki

    Oh my lambs, I’m not going to touch on this one!



  • Winona

    She is beautiful. Simply glowing!

  • Just Sayin

    By the time she does her first red carpet she will be adorable.

  • Re

    When you look like you’re East Asian when you smile, then it’s cause for concern.

  • question

    I am not an idiot. Now I understand that it’s called Acanthois. I have always notice that obese people have dark necks.

    Thanks Pept

  • Ms. J

    How she got the roll???? Don’t you mean role?? I think yall try’n to “Jone” on her on the side. LOL, yall wrong for that…..

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