New Omarion Video Featuring Gucci “I Get It In”

- By Bossip Staff

After being dropped by Young Money, Omarion’s album finally was able to drop and it’s obvious that the flavor of the month is Gucci Mane. This jawn is titled “I Get It In.”


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  • Sun

    I see he’s not changing his style

  • bbbbbianca

    BOOOOOOO……..the beat is good, the artists are not. 1.7 thumbs down

  • resurrected

    What does seem like the male verison of Diva?

  • Plain Jane

    I hate Gucci Mane’s mouth. He looks good from the nose up.

  • Racks

    You can say what you want about him.. he aint no singer… but he can dance a lil sumthin. He dances enuff to keep the girls/ladies interested


    this is so wack!!!!!!!!!!!


    RIP Michael Jackson you will ALWAYS be the best.

  • Charlie Tucker

    Why is everybody Jacking Lil Wayne Style… Be creative and come up with a smooth Ballad.. and it also sounds like a Mario Break up Remake with Gucci.. this is a Thumbs Down far as creativity, but a thumbs up far as a club banger.

  • Keep It 100

    LOL..I thought he was an R&B artist…now he’s a rapper? NEXT!

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators

    It was alright, it kept my attention…

    I didn’t like the fact that it made me think that they were a team on America’s Best Dance Crew and even though I like Gucci Mane, Lil’ Wayne’s bars were better… LMAO

  • lawd da mercy

    I was waiting on him to say, he will tranform yall! (disappointment)

  • Shiiiet

    Gucci look like he kissed a skillet with them burnt log lips…

    I mean dang…I don’t want them lips no where near my body they look contaminated…ugh.

  • http://v WertyBaby

    Somebody call the SANDMAN!!!! Why is he biting off Lil Wayne AND Chris Brown.

    Give it up BOY

  • phe

    And what’s the meaning behind doing the arm lifts with the girls??? I don’t get it!!! Hated it…..

  • Miss B

    This song is a little too “hard” for his dance moves. I understand he loves to dance, but I don’t think this is the song for that.

  • http://nunya Smitty


  • candygirl

    love that beat, turn it up good and loud

  • Muna

    I like it! GO Omarion. !

  • Producersforum

    Y’all are a bunch of wack a$$ hata’s on here. That dude Omarion is mad talented. I can’t believe you bandwagon buffoons! Y’all celebrate dope dealers, dope addicts, women exploiters, Satan worshippers, fake MCs, and the like. You better recognize that this dude is on some greatness… Oh yeah, Get off Wayne’s jock…

  • nottmee

    NO More Dance crews!!!

    See La Nocca be a MESS in the short film JESUS’ SECRETARY on

  • Jazzy J

    i liked the version with lil wayne better. this one is whap whap. and where the hell is omarion’s hair?!?!

  • SmoK.E.Y.

    Gucci look like he kissed a skillet with them burnt log lips…

    😯 😆 😆 😆


  • McHoya

    A ducktail? smh

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