School Nurse Admits To Bribing Student With $2,000 After Having Sex

Get Your Life Together: Former School Nurse Admits To Bribing Teen With $2,000 Car Payment After Having Sex

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A former elementary school nurse–who tried to hush a teen she sexually abused by offering him $2,000 to pay off his car loan–has admitted her guilt.

After being arrested in Jefferson County, Missouri in September 2017, 47-year-old Tina Maria Sumner was told not to have any contact with the victim or his family, according to reports from the Jefferson County Leader along with TV station KSDK.

Sumner didn’t admit any wrong doing at the time and ended up being released without being charged. That initial arrest came after the teen reported that he’d had sex with the teacher eight times since 2015 in locations that included his home, her home, and a building with the Fox School District, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Things came crashing down for the former nurse three months later, according to a court record reviewed by the newspaper. The teenage boy’s mother called Arnold police for an update and told them that Sumner had sent her son a $2,000 check to pay off his car loan in exchange for dropping his allegations.

The mother also gave authorities a copy of the check and call logs also showed Sumner and the victim had been in contact by phone following her arrest. In March, the former school nurse ended up being charged with victim tampering and having sex with a student under the age of 16, according to KSDK.

On Friday, in a plea agreement, Sumner pleaded guilty to one count of victim tampering and two counts of statutory rape and faces a seven-year term in prison, if convicted.

The terms require her to register as a sex offender, her defense attorney Mark Hammer told the newspaper. But rather than immediately impose the seven-year sentence, the agreement recommends Sumner for a 120-day sex-offender program while in custody, after which she could be evaluated and return to face a judge, who could keep her jailed or release her on probation for the sex offenses.

Tina Maria Sumner’s formal sentencing is scheduled for October 25.



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