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Florida Man Arrested For Spitting In Black Girlfriend’s Face Over Slave Roleplay Arguement

We had to read this story a couple of times because we were so confused by this relationship dynamic. But it’s Florida, so, yeah.

According to NYDailyNews, white boyfriend Kenneth Atkins was arrested for simple assault after he spit in Ashley Edwards’, his Black girlfriend, face during an argument. What were they arguing about, you ask? Welllll…

Ashley wanted to engage in a roleplay sex game called “slaver and slave” in which Kenneth would treat her like she was besties with Harriett Tubman then blow her back to smithereens. That’s right, the Black woman WANTED to be his slave. Kenneth, to his credit, did not want to engage in such a game, however, he was perfectly willing to hock spit in her face when their argument became heated.

“Ashley stated she wanted to play slave and slaver because she is African American and he is Caucasian,” according to the Manatee County Sheriff’s office report. “Kenneth did not wish to partake and became verbally aggressive.”

As tensions escalated, Atkins “spat in Ashley’s face,” police reported.

We’re pretty sure we know the answer to this question but we’ll ask anyway. Ladies, would you *ever* play “slave and slaver” with your white boyfriend?


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