Making it Rain on Them Hoes: Teen Powerball Winner

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

19 year old construction worker Jonathan Vargas just became a mega-baller. He won a $35.3 million Powerball jackpot in South Carolina. This cat must be giddier than a mf at this point. We suggest he pull it together – hopefully he doesn’t make it rain for real and invests those stacks wisely. He’s got a lot of years of spending ahead of him.

Click HERE to read up on the details of this young fellow’s outrageous fortune.

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  • Me too

    I really hope he does something intelligent with this money!

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    stay away from the strip clubs, casinos, OTB, and gold diggers.

    You will be fine

  • Jealous of them stacks

    The same people thats telling him someone is plotting are the ones that doing the plotting! If he’s smart he’ll take that money and move away ASAP.

  • Lady elle

    I wish him and his family the best….

  • Impressed

    He’s not 80 yrs old AND he’s black AND he’s a male…………that’s what’s up.

  • Me too

    I always thought it was ridiculous to try and be first, and I wasn’t even tryn, hmm. Nifty!

    I hope someone like Chris Gardner reaches out to him to make those stacks double and triple!

  • Hood Rich

    He don’t look too bright if he talking about someone gettin him. He’ll find himself a fat white chick or two, a few bottles of Henney and post up in the nearest cheap motel and be broke in 3 days.

  • sxyQblondie


  • I'm Just Me

    I hope he does something wise with his money and I hope people leave him the f*ck alone. Daxn folks…hate to see somebody make it.

  • Qt

    yeah, i was under the impression fat old white guys who live in single wide trailors won! who knew! but really, he needs to move to west africa – lay low there .. the states aint for him right now! and big dummy, who the hell holds a press conference BEFORE meeting with a lawyer and trust attorney! he should have claimed anonymously! you big old !@%@$#! – but he is looking kinda fine, with his country azz .. he’s now officially richer than 92% of rap stars!

  • ethang

    White girls and distant relatives will be coming out of the woodwork!

  • live to learn

    i heard that he is also buying his mother a house for her and his siblings–that’s cool, but let’s just hope some “cousins” don’t pop out of the woodwork and stop him from trying to do something positive.

  • Titti

    He still looks daze and confused. Wish him G/L – more money; more problems. I’d give my right arm for those problems tho.

  • bree

    i hope he applys to a college out of state with that first check..if not his friends that are ‘warning’ him, will be screaming ‘gimme the loot, gimme the loot’

    (happy birthday biggie!)

  • bree

    p.s. what is an education lottery powerball jackpot?

  • Necy

    Kudos, Kudos

  • Jessica

    I am very happy for him and believe it was meant to be…

  • kai

    what do you all think is the first thing hes likely to do with the money? Other than the alleged buying his momma her own crib… I say hes gonna buy a PHAT ride wit 42 inch rims lol and enough audio to wake both east and west coast lmfao….

  • pm

    Take 5 mil and put it into corn/suger ethynol stock.

  • Necy


    #1 He should buy his mom a Home

    #2 Buy himself a Home

    #3 Buy car for himself and for mom

    #4 payoff debt

    #5 Smart Investments.. and relax and let the money work for him..

  • kai

    no. 2: He will buy himself another phat ride..this time an ol suped up cadillac from 1923…

  • kai

    no. 3: he will put a stripper pole in his new homes basement


    i wanna b rich too!!! Yahhh @ his face!!! TRICK!!! lol

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators (fka Keepin' It Real - D'Original)


    Yeah, you’re right he shoulda had an attorney represent him and claim that check on his behalf and remain anonymous – then go on and live the good life with his immediate family and close friends…

    I have a friend who signed a huge multimillion dollar contract via professional sports (think over $50 million – it’s over that but I’m trying to be as vague as possible for anonomity sake) and that s#it was nothing but a headache for him and his family…

    From all types of family members not to mention friends who think he owes them s#it… To death threats, to all sorts of lawsuits (you wouldn’t believe the nonesense), all these sob stories from people he hardly knew, etc…

    To make a long story short he had to move out of state because of all of the drama that came with his newfound wealth…

    Lucky mother f….

    I wish him the best though and hopes he doesn’t blow through it, that money could take care of his children’s, children, children, children – if managed properly…

  • kai

    no. 4: become a self proclaimed “rapper”…and make a terrible terrible low budget video..with the stankest black assed women you could EVER find

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