Kourtney is Ready to Drop Her Load Because She Doesn’t Want to Gain Anymore Weight…GTFOH

- By Bossip Staff

You would think that Kourtney Kardashian would be ready to deliver her baby because she’s happy about being a mom, but we hear the reality star has been complaining that she’s ready to get rid of the pregnancy weight she’s been gaining. SMH. More pics of the Kardashian sisters under the hood.

Recently, Kourtney admitted that she weighs herself everyday and is obsessed with gaining baby weight. She said last week that she gained three pounds in one day, and she can’t wait to sit down already. She complained that it’s hard carrying around extra weight and she’s over being pregnant on the red carpet. While most moms luxuriate in the thoughts of motherhood and anxiously await meeting their new offspring, Kourtney is more concerned with getting back into her tight mini-dresses and four-inch heels. On a side note, she’s staying active and was spotted walking with her sisters Kim and Khloe in Santa Barbara. Kourtney is due this month.

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  • Black Barbie

    They’re so irrelevant. Why does anyone care what they have to say?

  • http://myspace.com/870bg Bg(~007~)

    Photoshop!!!! Khloe aint even on skates in the real pic!

  • Michelle

    This whole family is pathetic. The mom needs to focus on her minor children and let the grown ones live thier lives.

    Bruce should take the girls and run.

  • drenk

    shouldve done the right thing and quietly aborted then there would be no weight gain


    Yea, that bi**h will probably starve herself the minute the baby is born. I bet she’s surviving on salad and yogurt. And honestly she’s still pretty small to be pregnant, the only thing she really has is belly.

  • trs

    WHY is this news??

  • mz.cee ♥


    O.M.G. thats cold, LOL

  • MizASterling

    I hate women that think that having the baby makes them instantly back to pre body shape. Little do they know the faster they go out of their way to fit into those clothes the more damage they’ll do to their bodies.

    Just embrace the damn change. After I had my daughter I went from thick…to skinny…(ugh) back to thick, and I love the way I look now. My daughter is 7, and it took this long to get my body to the way that I want it.

  • sheripie

    Kourtney that’s life baby you have to gain to have a healthy baby! duh!!!

  • MissChoklate

    Get over it chick, your a mother and your body will have to heal and then take back shape. Women in hollywood are so superficial. Also why are these women famous…why..

  • Aunt Viv


  • Makela

    Not surprised… she is superficial as all hell like her Mom and sister (more so Kim). I would love to see these chics take a long vacation to Armenia LMAO!

  • lawd da mercy

    It aint only hollywood, my friend was the same way.
    We live in DC.

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals---Pimpin, Platinum style!!! J-Hud's concert was OFF THE MEAT RACK!!!!!!!!!

    Is it coincidental that the only Kardashian that is/was/will be with a white male is the one that’s pregnant?

    I guess the other two love the green but don’t really love the “black!”

  • http://soundcloud.com/ggoodei-mc/tracks GGooDei

    This bytch is stupid.

    The women out there that are trying their best to get pregnant have so many complications, but dumb BROADS like this woman is thinking about getting her back to her regular weight back.

    I feel so sorry for this child that is about to pop out of her coochie…hopefully it wont pop out and stay inside of her for another month or two and see how much weight she will gain.

  • It's Me

    you can look at her and tell that she is not going to be skinny again. She will now be thick and juicy like her body wants to be…

    Knowing her hollyweird *** she will go and have surgery to remove the thickness..Her dad will turn over in his grave!!!!!!!!!

    More cushion for the pushing…

  • Reazon

    Again WHY is this news. I honestly feel the Kardashians and Amber Rose’s and Tila Tequila’s of this world should be completely ignored until they fade into complete obscurity as God intended when he created them without talent. I’m sure even the good Lord is scratching his head and wondering how and why we know these people exist. Less topics on them please. Its like blasphemy. Or something

  • Kigali (Marriage before carriage)


    “Is it coincidental that the only Kardashian that is/was/will be with a white male is the one that’s pregnant?

    I guess the other two love the green but don’t really love the “black!”

    They arent black females, thats why they aint pregnant.

  • Tuesday's Child

    Who isn’t anxious to loose the weight? This shouldnt even be a headline.

  • Redbone_Darkbutt_Black_White (It's just coochie)

    Women are vain — this is news?

    In the UK, doctors were getting
    an alarming number of requests
    from pregnant women, to have the
    MD perform a cesarean delivery
    on their babbies, even though there
    was NO medical reason for it.

    The Brits coined a phrase for it
    “too posh to push” … let’s just
    say this one thinks she’s “far too
    f—ing fine for flabby baby fat”–
    and leave it at that.

  • wow

    ..taken way out of context. Every pregnant woman talks about her weight. Kourtney is bored, the sisters must stay in the news because it keeps the buzz for their reality show. Actually, the show is a temporary escape for entertainment and she looks cute. The comment must be coming from her twitter page.

  • keke

    she should have aborted the baby when she had a chance…this bish…is stoopid there r women out here who cant get pregnant and then u have a dumb bish like kourt say some shh like that? i am tired of these chicks gettng pregant by men who dnt want them..now she done trapped the dude 4 life 😦

  • Kigali (Marriage before carriage)

    I wish more black females were anxious about losing weight.

  • I'm Just Me: Keeping It Real Since 1983....if you supported it, his blood is on your hands too!!!

    Whomp Whomp!!

  • JUDY

    I wish more black females were anxious about losing weight

    Why should we we when Khloe gets to be fat and ugly and yet they try to market her as curvy.LOL!!Its a good thing that general public doesnt fall for it.

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