Royal Oak police question Black man for staring at white woman

Emmett Till, Still: Michigan Cops “Apologize” For Accosting Black Man For Staring At White Woman

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Royal Oak Police Question Black Man For Staring At White Woman

What in the August 28, 1955 is going on here?!?!

According to a report on ClickOnDetroit, police ran down on a 20-year-old Black man, Devin Myers, after a white broad called the police on him because he was allegedly “looking at her suspiciously” at a restaurant.

“He’s an African American male, and I don’t know what his deal is, but it’s making me not feel very comfortable,” the woman said in a 911 call.

When the cops arrived on the scene here’s what they told Devin:

“She’s calling us saying you’re staring at her, so that’s why I’m out here,” an officer said to Myers.

In the wake of this historically-harrowing experience, the bacon boys have “apologized” for their behavior…

“This is not the practice of the Royal Oak Police Department and it is not acceptable. The supervisor has been disciplined and every Royal Oak police supervisor has received additional training in procedural justice.”

One of the heroes of this story is the restaurant manager who bore witness to the police interaction and vouched for Devin because she has a son of a similar age. She also wishes the white woman would have actually joined the conversation between Devin and the police.

“I just wish she would have gotten out of her car and come over here and maybe not been a coward sitting in her car watching the whole time,” the manager said.

Dusty, ho.

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