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Photos Of The Jimmy John’s Founder Cause Cries For Boycott

Jimmy John’s definitely isn’t having as good of a week as some other fast food joints.

A photo–that was already highlighted by PETA in a blog post earlier this year–regained some traction this week thanks to a timely tweet from our guy Brother Nature.

In the replies, people started to send more photos of the founder proudly hunting even more animals, which obviously isn’t helping his case.

Per PETA’s blog post about these photos from back in April, they explained:

“Boycotting Jimmy John’s is a great way to take a stand against hunting, and other sandwich shops make it easy with their delicious, animal-friendly options,” a PETA rep suggested, noting that the practice of killing elephants and whatnot is merely a”violent pastime.”

The resurfacing of these photos and what they represent–especially coming from Brother Nature–has people once again calling for a Jimmy John’s boycott.

So, for anyone out there who wants to support the cause, it’s probably better to stop by your local bodega instead of hitting up a Jimmy John’s.

Here’s what people are saying about their decision to stop (or continue not) supporting the company.


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