Notorious BIG: “I’ll F*ck RuPaul… Before I F*ck Them Ugly A$$ X-Scape B*tches!!!”

- By Bossip Staff

Everyone knows Biggie was and still is considered one of the illest lyricists that ever came into the Hip Hop game. In his song “Dreams,” there was one particular line that stood out, Biggie: “I’ll F*ck RuPaul… Before I F*ck Them Ugly A$$ X-Scape B*tches!!!”. In a recent interview, Kandi Burruss, former member of Xscape recalls when Biggie apologized for saying that particular… Which is pretty damn harsh!!!

Flip the Lid

Damn… Do ya’ll really think he meant it??? Peep the group X-Scape below:

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  • Sepia830

    Biggie calling somebody ugly? Now THAT’s funny!

  • Denyse

    He was just talking trash.

  • T.T.

    As if he has the audacity to call somebody ugly SMH..whatever, Xscape can sang tho…

  • Darkesthourglass

    That sounded like some homo thug ish to me. Those Xscape bishes couldn’t have been that ugly for a man to pick RuPaul over them.

  • Deedeemon

    He got some nerve

  • nosir

    kandi was/is cute. the skinny sister was cute. tiny and the fat one? not so much

  • lol

    yea I agree with Darkesthourgl****, that sound like some ole homo thug ish to me too. I guess that would explain why he was Diddy’s main man. Not to mention, he was the biggest, blackest ugliest nigg@ in the game, so 4 him 2 call anybody ugly is absolutely hilarious. And I’m not one 4 talk’n bout anybody’s mom but in his case, the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree….LOL!

  • memchee

    lol…all them girls were rocking the rough gansta look back then.

    that look was probably unappealing to most young men.

  • notsomuch

    Second one from the left is a cutie. The rest are ok.

  • alldatsupreme

    All Philly hoes donn’t want no skee lows evry cutie witta bootie wanna coogi…..

  • 1 Sharp Lady (314 to Diego)

    Wow….but not RuPaul. LOL! Kandi was ok….I guess it’s just with the way it is now (it being YEARS later and her hair), that ‘do’ isn’t so fitting. But ummmm….yeah, may be some homo ish

  • olsweetdickwillie (WHO GONNA CHECK ME BOO?)

    Biggie prob was f-inking Diddy… Wait, It was the other way around!!

  • Darkesthourglass

    @lol, that just sounded real suspect that’s all. I guess it doesn’t matter now since Biggie’s gone.

  • Be Original

    I don’t care how charming he was, you could pay me a million dollars to f*ck him. Deceased or not, it’s a fact.

  • Miss Sass

    He was only being truthful.

  • 2Sweet

    Xscape was my isht back in the 90s. They made some good music, they were better than TLC (to me!). Kandi has always been a cute woman to me…and Tiny’s had that prayer hands tat for forever. I’m not feeling how people go so hard on Tiny. She’s NOT that dayum ugly…we’ve all seen way worse. Besides, she’s got a beautiful spirit. And R.I.P Biggie, but he was right to apologize, the way he looked. smh

  • Mock Rock Star

    Kandi U really don’t have to defend yourself against a ugly dead man. Xscape really wasn’t that easy on the eyes (and no it didn’t have anything to do with the way U all were dress…remember TLC)but especially Biggie Smalls was herrendous on the eyes

  • http://Bossip yela

    Biggie had a lot of homo lyrics he has been called out numerous times.A whole article was did on his homo lyrics. What he really wanted to say is that he wanted to F Rupaul

  • keke

    @least he said SORRY!!!!!

  • Candy Cane

    That was a VERY suspect line, besides he’s 1,000 times uglier than the ugliest. And he must have just been talking about Tiny, cause none of them except for her are really ugly anyway.

    That is one of the most homosexual lines in hiphop.


    he was rapping not dissing them intentially or he would not have apologizzed

  • Candy Cane

    He went from living in the closet, to not living… in a casket. Stop being ugly, when you know your not cute.

    Do better. Live better.


    Biggie can’t call anybody ugly, because he could scare a hungry elephant off a peanut truck.
    Once you dis’ somebody on record history has been recorded, you can’t apologize for something that you intentionally did out of your own ignorance.

    Besides that’s the pot calling a pot, a pot.
    What Rapper is uglier than Big?…..maybe Rick Ross Fat Joe, Craig Mack was ugly, Jay-Z is ugly too.
    Honorable mention to turtle face Ja’Rule.

  • Kandi Fan

    Kandi is pretty and has a beautiful smile.


    some of you are too dumb for words!

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