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Black Man Sues Portland Bar For Denying Him Entry Over Jewelry

Black people literally can’t do ANYTHING without drawing the racist ire of white folks.

A Black man, 34-year-old Ray Lamont Peterson, has filed a $500,000 lawsuit against a bar in Portland, Oregon for racist practices against potential Black patrons according to OregonLive.

Peterson was denied entry into Splash Bar back in August of 2018 because he was wearing “too many” diamond chain necklaces. That’s right, his drip was way too hard for the lily-white establishment and the owner was hatin’.

Peterson’s lawsuit claims that Chris Lenahan, one of the owners of Splash Bar, would use a radio to tell security staff to start “arbitrarily enforcing a dress code against African Americans” when he thought the composition of customers was getting “too dark” at any given time. The suit claims that Lenahan referred to black patrons by using racist terms.

Lenhan calls the accusations “ridiculous” and boasts that he has “the most diverse clubs with the most diverse clientele”. Sounds like the same superlative overcompensation that Donald Trump uses to ward off negative criticism. However…

Peterson’s lawsuit was filed Monday in Multnomah County Circuit Court — two months after another African American man, Sam Thompson, reached an undisclosed settlement with Lenahan and his company Vegasstars. Thompson claimed that in May 2017 he was told he couldn’t enter another bar that Lenahan is part owner of — the Dirty Nightlife. Thompson claimed he was told he couldn’t enter because he was wearing a red shirt and red shoes and had violated the dress code prohibiting excessively matching gang colors, even though another white customer wearing a nearly identical outfit was later let in.

Yeah, sounds like this Chris dude is a flaming racist. Won’t be surprised at all if he settles this lawsuit too because he knows he’s dead wrong. SMFH.


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