We Need To Stop This Violence: 1 Year Old Toddler Killed In Drive-By

- By Bossip Staff

Some gang members in South Carolina murdered 1 yr-old Shaniyah Burden and others when they did a drive-by on a family function:

A South Carolina mother fruitlessly tried to shield her 20-month-old toddler from a barrage of bullets in a drive-by shooting that killed the baby and…… two adults and injured at least five others, relatives said Tuesday. Relatives said the victims were playing cards Monday night in the front yard of the small beige bungalow in the small town of Walterboro when a car pulled up and opened fire.

“Everybody was sitting outside. Instead of shooting at one guy, they shot at everybody,” said Dominique Adams, 21, a cousin who lives nearby. “The mother, she tried to shield the baby, but the bullet went through the baby’s head and through the mother’s arm.” Colleton County Coroner Richard Harvey said Charles Kittrell, 45, died at the scene. The baby, Shaniyah Burden, and Christopher Powell, 21, died at hospitals.

Adams identified the mother as Aleshia Kittrell, 24, saying she had been taken to Colleton Medical Center, but the hospital did not confirm she was a patient. The motive for the shootings was unknown, but some relatives and neighbors suspected it was gang-related. No arrests have been reported. Officers were looking for a black car with one headlight, Police Capt. Ken Dasen said. He referred other questions to the State Law Enforcement Division. A SLED spokeswoman said she couldn’t immediately provide details.

Bessie Kittrell, 69, said she lost her son, Charles, a grandson, Christopher, and a great-granddaughter in the shooting. She said she almost lost a second great-grandchild: Powell had put his 8-month-old son inside the house a short time before the shooting. “It’s a good thing he put his baby in the house earlier or they would have killed that one, too,” Bessie Kittrell said.

A friend of the family, Pamela Overton, 49, said the shooting was gang-related and that Powell had been shot at before. “These people here are low-key people, they are common people, they don’t bother anybody. The lady in this house raised me. She was like a mother to me,” Overton said of Powell’s mother.

“The vendetta is probably something stupid, over a girl or something, but this is the second time this young man has been targeted.” Overton said. “He was like my littler brother, I loved him. I just saw him the other day. They are very good people, just common folk, hardworking people.” She said the younger man did not live at the house. Ella Adams, who said she was Powell’s aunt, said she did not believe her nephew was being targeted.

“It was a gang, but the people they shot were not in the gang,” Adams said. “You’re not safe in your own yard. That’s what they are saying.” Adams said people often stopped by Kittrell’s house to ask to play cards. “Perhaps one of the gang members was in there,” she said. Ginni Keeling, 22, who identified herself as a cousin of the family who lived nearby, said they often played cards and watched television in the front yard of the house.

“I’ve been over here since I was 13 years old. I ain’t never seen anything like this,” she said. Keeling said she’d left the scene about 15 minutes before the shooting with her two young children and she got a call from another relative at the scene of the shooting.

This sounds like a mess all the way around, which is even more of a reason for us to stop this kind of ignorance for the future of the children… literally.

R.I.P. Shaniyah


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  • http://bossip Chardonnay

    This is so sad R.I.P. to this pretty girl!!!1

  • Tracey

    Some people in the black community would defend the f cukers who committed this murdering act, and blame others.

    Let God truely bless the innocent and allow this beautiful little girl to rest in peace.

  • lizzy

    Black men! Wow! I know it is not all black men, but the violence in the black community (which 99% is caused by black men) is embarrassing! It is disgusting how they have no regard for human life.


    Sydney, you’re up early.

  • Sydney™

    *abominable* Please pardon the typo.

  • Poeticphire

    vicious animals!..ignorant and they wonder why other races talk down on our black men..not ALL but most because they do ignorant ish like this. R.I.P. baby girl

  • Elise10

    Not to nitpick but how is the child 3 years old if she was 20 months. That’s short of 2 years.

    Anyway that’s sad. SoulKid how the hell would someone justify shooting a little girl in the head with whether or not the shooter looked good?

    This really needs to end, makes no damn sense!

  • Jane Doe

    Smh… i really dont know what is wrong with my people.

  • Danlad From Ghana

    This must stop

  • citiboi

    this is sad news…very sad, i have a 6 month old..however, what makes you think drive-bys will stop..it has gotten a lot better…how about we pray that the family makes it through this!!!

  • citiboi

    without retaliation!!!

  • Mock Rock Star

    I’m sick of these cowards


    What a shame! There is no point in taking a life!

  • Plain Jane

    Soulkid, STFU. The people who would justify this type of nonsense only exist in your empty head.

    Moving on…It should not be hard for detectives to find out who did this; low-life, country-ass criminals are not smart enough to go into hiding. They’re probably at “they mamas house” right now as we speak. May justice be swift and unmerciful. I’m tired of this ish.

  • drenk

    until police can protect those that want to stand up against street trash like that, the bloody cycle will continue. whats the point of identifying a murderer in court if thats going to you or your family killed


    when they find this animal they should electrocute him or lethal injection not life in prison crap

  • Thank you Vets!!

    @Sydney-I agree, there are many positive black men in our community. My husband, father and brother all belong to that group. I believe the ones who did this act of cowardice belong to a small group of fools, who too often get most of the attention.

  • Nique



    Sorry-its early

  • SouLKid

    Well what was i suppose to think.It starts with “small” fights and escalate to murder. And some people be defending the supposedly ‘small’ instances of violence – the same people who end up murdering people.

    my point was, get rid of our tolerance of any kind of violence because it always ends up with someone being killed. A baby girl in this case.

  • Anon

    This is disgusting and embarrassing. I’m tired of black people acting like soulless animals!

  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    R.I.P. little one!


  • Juancito

    I’m losing hope for my people and I’m not happy to say that.

  • Janae

    What a DARLING! My heart goes out to all of the loved ones of the victims. Needless to say, this “madness” and “savagery” needs to stop. But, people who are involved in gangs, the drug “game”, and anything else that makes you a target need to care for those who care for them by staying away. Innocent people shouldn’t have to die like this.

  • Janae

    @ Tracey

    “Some people in the black community would defend the f cukers who committed this murdering act, and blame others.”

    I know. Isn’t it RIDICULOUS. I’m sure some people won’t want the perpetrators of the crime to become the “victims” of the justice system. This type of thinking does our community more harm than good.

  • steph

    Drive bys or just shooting into a crowd of people is one of the most cowardly things you could do…and how is it that in small towns everybody KNOWS who’s sleeping with who but when asked who did they shooting THEY DON’T KNOW…this is just sad…

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