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Nas’ decision not to call his new album Ni**er has put a smile on ole Al’s face.

“The 34-year-old New York native wanted to use the title to make a political statement about the hypocrisy in hip-hop. But criticizm from Def Jam record executives and fear of a decline in sales persuaded him to pull the title on Monday, just six weeks before the album hits stores on July 1.

And Sharpton is calling the rapper’s decision a ‘partial victory’ for racial-equality activists.

He says, ‘The record companies have to consider the downside of using it, business-wise. That would not have happened if we hadn’t protested. I have a lot of respect for Nas. I liked what he said about Sean Bell. We have a fundamental disagreement on this. He can rap against me. I’ll preach against them. We’re still friends.'”

Al got what he wanted, and Nas will have increased record sale. Sounds like everybody got their back scratched here.


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  • http://baidu.com TREE

    Mmmmmm, not his fan. By just saw his profile on dating site “W e a l t h y l o v I n g . c o m. ” last week. It seems he is single again.

  • Nana

    Well i think Naz should of stuck with the title. Now the Album has no title. Oh well. Its all about the Money.

  • The_Truth

    If Nas album was titled:

    -Strictly for My N!ggas

    -Only for real N!ggas

    -We some hard N!ggas

    -Weak N!ggas die, etc.

    There would NOT be controversy. . .but when you attempt to shed light on historic wrong’s and how we’ve accepted being n!ggas without knowing it, suddenly there’s “wrong”.

    Do the same thing toward the 100’s of 1000’s of albums filled with the word, not someone who’s using substance on the subject. . .**STOP LETTING THESE SITES THINK FOR YOU!**

  • Fabulous B$%#h

    I don’t think anybody really cares about NAS’s music that much anymore. I don’t care what he calls it.

  • Cage

    ^^^ People still care ma, depends on where you’re from obviously.

  • Southern Belle 225

    @fabulous…alot of people still care about NAS. I mean alot. He is still damn near the best lyricist in the game. He may not be as commercial as most other rappers but he is still very relevant to the game.

  • http://www.entertainmentundergroundmag.com Chocolate

    With that title nas had a point … He is very political if you listen to his music. If it was anybody else I could see people getting mad, Nas had a point I still want to hear it.

  • Ray Cougar

    Uh. I’ll be honest, as a white dude, I would have felt a little awkward about asking for this cd at Tower Records. One because of the title and two also because Tower is out of business.

  • DaPro

    @ Truth

    Couldn’t have said it better myself fam

    The title of the album won’t take away from the message though

    Nas keep dropping science in your lyrics

  • memchee

    I’m glad he’s changing the title…….I couldn’t even listen to the leaked tracks knowing what the intended title was going to be.

    Nas’s, the Roots, and Common are the only rappers still in the game that can convey a deep thought.

  • terry

    All these rappers should RAP it up before they start sounding crazy and in need of intervention. The longer they stay in the game, the more desperate they become to find new material to push. Even RUN DMC started to loose their swag; even to the point of looking like Onyx! Damn, that was a shocker.

  • ha

    Nas is tarnishing his legacy with a horrid publicity stunt like this, he should be shamed.


    NAS has been in the business too long to use shock value to sell CD`s.

  • JaiMonet

    Al Sharpton needs to sit down some damn where. Ugh I can’t stand him he’s such a joke. Nas on the other hand, I see his point on using the N word and also changing is mind. Nas is a smart man he knows what he’s doing.

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