Knoxville police officer fatally shot man in the back after fight

Cops Kill People: Knoxville Man Fatally Shot In The Back By Police Officer After Tussle Over Taser

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Knoxville Cops Fatally Shoots Man In The Back

A Knoxville, Tennessee police officer is under investigation after he fatally shot a man in the back after a physical confrontation.

According to KnoxvilleNews, Channara Tom “Philly” Pheap was shot dead on August 26 by officer Dylan Williams. Williams was responding to a hit-and-run when he spotted Pheap as a person who “matched the description” of the alleged perp.

Knoxville P.D. released a statement “explaining” what happened:

The statement said Williams asked Pheap if the car was his, and Pheap, “while looking around and acting very nervous,” refused repeated requests to remove his hands from his pockets. Williams told Pheap he was going to pat him down for weapons, and Pheap began to “fight” him.

“The physical fight took what seemed like a very long time to Williams, who could not fully gain control of (Pheap), nor radio for back-up,” the statement said. Pheap “was ultimately able to get on top of (Williams) and began to violently and forcefully attempt to choke Williams. Suddenly, (Pheap) got off of Williams and began to run away.”

It is then reported that Williams drew his taser and commanded Pheap to stop. Allegedly, Pheap charged Williams, took his taser, and shot Pheap with it. After a continued struggle, “Williams said that at that moment, he was certain he would never see his wife and 1-year-old son again.” The officer pulled his gun and fired twice as Pheap attempted to flee the scene.

Initial reports from Knox County Regional Forensic Center lists Pheaps cause of death as “gunshot wound of the back.” Obviously, this completely contradicts Williams’ tall tale.

Somebody got some ‘splaining to do…

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