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Robbery was the case that they gave Rodney Bradford and “where’s my pancakes” is the phrase that saved him after members of New York’s Finest arrested the young man for participating in a burglary that he claimed to have not participated in. Detectives apprehended Bradford, 19, after they suspected that he was involved in a robbery that had taken place a couple of days beforehand. Seemingly trapped in a tangled web woven by legal woes, the level headed teen delivered an iron clad alibi attesting to his whereabouts during the crime: he was on Facebook.

NYPD arrested the young man after authorities believed that he had been involved in the mugging of Rolando Perez-Lorenzo and Jeremy Dunklebarger, a crime that too place at 11:50 a.m. A status update made on October 17th at 11:49 a.m. confirm Bradford’s statement, and in the process, set a legal precedent.

“This is the first case that I’m aware of in which a Facebook update has been used as alibi evidence,” remarked John Browning, member of the Dallas Bar Association and student of the ever expanding relationship between social networking sites and the law.

Still all is not peachy in Bradford’s word, as he has yet to face the music for another burglary charge, this one still pending; just another day in the life of the young man known as the Facebook Kid.”


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