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Phoenix Police Investigated For Rape Threats, Brutality, And Stealing Money

A police officer in Phoenix is under serious investigation for a series of infractions including, but not limited to beating civilians, threatening witnesses, wrongfully seizing money in a drug bust, and abusing a female co-worker whom he allegedly called a “c*m dumpster” and said he wanted to rape.

According to PhoenixNewTimes, four lawsuits were filed in federal court against officer Sergeant Daniel Beau Jones and all four were settled. Pretty heinous charges for a settlement…

“Phoenix Police Sergeant Daniel B. Jones is the subject of a criminal and internal investigation. No arrest has been made,” Phoenix police spokesperson Sergeant Vince Lewis said on August 24. “He has been placed on administrative leave pending the resolution of the investigations.”

In regards to the sexual harassment, peep what a female officer accused Jones of in her lawsuit:

According to the officer, her time with the 41G squad in South Mountain Precinct was marked by rampant sexual harassment, bullying, and hostile behavior. “Daniel Jones often specifically referred to [the officer] as a dumb c*nt, dumb b*tch, useless 101 [police code used to refer to females], carpet muncher, and c*m dumpster,” the lawsuit states.

When the officer told Jones not to call her those names, she alleges that Jones intimidated her “by telling her that any snitch should or could get a bullet to the head” and that “snitches should be taken care of just like they are on the street.

Oh, but there’s MUCH more…

Besides the name-calling, she said Jones would also purposefully and forcefully run into her with his shoulder when they passed each other in the hallway. He interfered with her work, making noise and kicking her chair while she was on the phone. He called her a “dumb bitch” in front of her supervisors. Sometimes, he called her “it” or said she was a man. Occasionally, Jones looked at the officer “in a threatening manner, and shook his head and unsnapped his gun holster,” the lawsuit states.

Then one day, Jones sent her a message asking her to meet him in South Mountain Precinct’s back parking lot. According to the lawsuit, which was settled, Jones told her, “he had fantasized about raping her and choking her around the neck and stated, ‘I want to fuck you so hard your librarian glasses fall off.'”

Then there’s the charge of beating up civilians:

“At least one of these witnesses pled with officers to stop beating the now-unconscious” Vasquez. Instead of stopping, Kincannon “drew his weapon, pointed it at the civilian witnesses and said, ‘Trudy, get the fuck in the house,'” the lawsuit states. Then, police arrested one of the witnesses and took him to a nearby cemetery, where they “told him he better keep his mouth shut or he would end up buried in the cemetery,” according to the lawsuit.

Yeah, so, f**k 12.


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