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Offset FaZe Clan

Source: Matt Basta / DKC Esports

Offset Becomes Major Investor In Largest E-Sports Gaming Organization

Anytime a rapper posts a picture of their newest iced out watch or a new car, their comments are immediately flooded with comments asking, “Why didn’t you invest that money instead?” or “You could have bought a rental property with that.” But after this news, it seems like these comments are going to cease for Offset.

The father of four and husband to Cardi B recently made a ground-breaking announcement; that he became an investor in Faze Clan.

Most the time that a rapper claims something as big as becoming an investor into a huge organization, it’s mostly likely  “cap”. But this time around, this deal seems to be a 100% genuine, life-changing investment for the rapper. Faze Clan is without a doubt one of the biggest and most profitable names in gaming & E-Sports. As gaming grows, his major invest could even take his largest income source from music over to gaming.

Even with how recent this announcement is, Offset is already plugging the clan’s merchandise and appearing in their highly viewed content on Youtube. To put the whole thing into perspective for those who might be unfamiliar with the gaming world, this is the type of investment one would expect from someone like Jay-Z or Nas.

Are your kids always talking about Fortnite and spending hours playing it? Offset found a way to profit off it in a major way.

Congrats to Offset on such a major investment that is sure to benefit both him and his kids for a long time. WE LOVE TO SEE IT!


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