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Terrance Howard is a bona fide over-protective father. He wasn’t feeling his 14-year-old daughter’s boyfriend, so he decided to do something about it:

“‘She’s supposedly in love with some guy. I made her break up with him and I’ve threatened to kill him. I was like, you picked a green fruit from the tree that’s far from ripe.”

And Howard ensures he keeps a tight-leash on his beloved kids – warning Aubrey she will be cut out of any future inheritance if she is not ‘obedient’.

He tells his daughter, ‘I’ve set a lot of things aside for you, but those things are only yours as long as you’re obedient to me.’ However, the actor has put a crafty plan into action to make sure the teenager doesn’t fall back into her unsuitable relationship.

He adds, ‘She’s OK now. Though, I’m sure he’s still kind of her boyfriend. This summer I’ll take her off to another country where her phone won’t work, and he’ll start dating someone else.'”

It’s safe to say that Mr. Baby Wipes may have some serious control issues. Damn, too bad for his kids. SMH.


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  • Keesha

    I love the fact that he cares so much. I wish I had a father who cared enough to be so overprotective. If more girls had a father in their lives like him we’d all be better off.

  • ashes


    big up for the dads sticking around and doing the job!!!

  • Suga Mo

    This MF is crazy…

    She gonna run off and do thangs behind his back. I understand he is trying to protect her but reducing her importance to monetary value will have her on hollywood Blvd tricking in no time flat.

  • Ideal_sweetlove

    OMG i would not want to be one of his children…..he sounds scary as hell

    im sure he was hitting on people’s daughters back in the day he act like he wasnt young

  • swoosh

    glad my dad is who he is

  • rayrayischillin

    I’m proud that he’s doing his job as a father. I just hope that he’s talked to her about boys and told her what there movtives are. That way she’ll know what to look for and not be surprised when the boy show his ass in certain situations!

  • Keesha

    @Whateva. You are so right. Kids who’s fathers don’t care are usually the one runnin wild and out of control. If she’s smart she’ll realize that he is trying to protect her for a reason. If you have a father who cares and you rebel your the dumbass and you only hurt yourself in the long run.

  • VA666

    He is a wonderful daddy! Its beautiful that he cares so much about his children. My father was the same way. When I was her age, if I ever so much as thought about dating he would say, “What? You better date your book!” God I used to hate that. But looking back I truly appreciate him and I know now that he only wanted the best for me. He ensured that I stayed focused, concentrated on my studies and finished school. Which is all she needs to be thinking about at her age!

  • mrslaadee

    Karma is a mutherfu**ker!

    Terrence Howard has fu**ed over his wife so many times and for so many years, that he is afraid it will come back on his daughter. While it’s good for him to give his daughter advice about guys, he should not do it in a threatning way. Because the more he tries to control her, the more she is going to rebel.

  • Marquis de Sade

    Well you can’t blame him, afterall, it’s a known fact that most black girls are notorius for choosing knuckleheads and tend to grow up and make even worst decisions in their men. He’s just being a true father figure.

  • checkit

    Being controlling toward your children is only setting them up for disaster. Instead of learning self-discipline, they only live within your parameters, and when the opportunity presents itself for them to ‘break free’, they’re so eager to get away from you, that they aren’t even thinking about the effect their actions will have on themselves, or even their future…..

    Some people ignorantly admire this parenting, “style”, but it is not to be admired. It leads to resentment, and a lack of development of personal restraint. As far as the case above, his child will be “grown” in a few years. Not teaching her how to be an adult, and just trying to keep her “controlled” is only setting her up for failure and future controlling relationships.

  • checkit

    Black people routinely raise their children this way, and it sets them up for failure.

  • Serafina

    She’s 14, she can be out of his control when she’s 18, paying for her own college education and her own apartment. He’s my kind of father.

    “Experiencing” normal things as 14 year olds do, I’d like to know what those “things” are. Teenagers have shown that they can’t always be responsible when their backs are pushed up against the wall. She doesn’t need a boyfriend.

    Let her do something outside of being love sick, something that can help her become a more mature and responsible adult when she enters college.

    I dont believe that she’ll just do it behind his back. When given examples of what happens to fast little girls, she’ll be sure to think twice about whether dating is so important.

    I too had a very overprotective mother and my fear of her wrath her made me think thrice before I did something she would have frowned upon.

    And thats what it all boils down to, whether she wants to hurt her Dad or make ole boy like her more.

    Let him go rub of Shemeka’s azz during the summer. I’d take the trip overseas any time.

  • Yep I said it

    THis dude is worse than Joan Crawford. How can he directly tell her all that sh*t (about inheritance). She is not another chicken head girlfriend, she is your child. He sounds like a messed up manipulative asshole. Who thinks they are always in the right. Won’t be shock if they become estranged down the road.

  • soulwoman

    I agree with Keesha and Whatever. The girl (keyword here is GIRL!) is only 14, she is lucky her dad allows her to have a boyfriend. He is suppose to be protective. It’s his CHILD. Maybe if Whitney and Bobby would actually raise Bobby Christina she wouldn’t be wildin’ out.

  • ROse

    I have always been trying to ask everthing about him as I could.

    People say he is a member of a celeb club

    *** We al t hy Ming le.c om ***

    I once was there and met my rich boyfriend.

    It’s a place to meet the rich and celebrities.

  • creolediva

    good parenting is one thing, but this is a dictatorship…how hypocritical…and then u dangle an “inheritance” in front of her to make her behave?? WTF??? how is THAT teaching her anything?? she will more than likely run amok after getting it and itll be gone in a month…the best thing he could do was to teach her to be independent, make her OWN money and STILL have values…and as an actor, ur gone most of the time…its only so much governing u can do by phone…he is a basketcase..and ive met him so i know first hand…

  • http://www.gravatar.com Re

    “This summer I’ll take her off to another country where her phone won’t work, and he’ll start dating someone else.’”

    LMAO, boy do I remember the days of living with my father. I didn’t have to fear loss of inheritance though, he was scary enough.

  • creolediva


  • Anna

    I am glad he is there for his child, but he is going about it all wrong. You dangle a carrot and say you can have it if you follow my rules, that does not work. Why do you think kids kill their parents. Parents want perfect kids. Parents forget they were once kids. Over protect your child and they will go to the extreme given any opportunity to have a taste of freedom. Parents need to remember if you raised your kids right, when they leave the home for the day or to move out, they will remember what we taught them. You don’t have to yell and argue with a kid to get their attention. Even when you think they are not listening to you, they are. You won’t find that out until they get older of course but what we invest in our children will pay off later.

  • lovely and amazing

    Go ahead Terrance Howard! He’s 100% right. If she was “fatherless” (ie had an absent dad) she could end up pregnant by some loser. This is how you do things. I’m not playing the sympathy card for loser friends when my kids get older. Let one of kids bring trash into our house, me and my husband are putting it right back out on the curb. I have whole new respect for Terrance Howard. See, you don’t have to worry about Terrance’s daughter ever being at R Kelly’s house.

  • creolediva

    im so thankful my father understood that i was human, too…and that he didnt forget how hard it is figuring out who u are at that age without the added pressure of a warden…i personally think if u deprive you kid of normal teenage evolving, they will never grow up and indulge in the things u kept from them…children are little people…u gotta keep it real with them, they know bs when they hear it too…

  • http://www.gravatar.com Re

    Goodness gracious, 14 is really young. I thought I was the sh*t when I was that age, and now when I look back on it, I was really just a baby. Now, should Terrence continue this for many years afterwards, then yeah, it’s little much.

    But he makes sense- would YOU want a Paris Hilton on your hands? She couldn’t behave herself, so she doesn’t get too much of the inheritance. I totally agree with Terrance Howard here.

  • Blacksmith

    I don’t know any father that is fond of or likes any boy that his 14 year old daughter is dating. He could have also been joking when these statements were made, but as usual, comedy doesn’t always translate to print.

  • http://www.gravatar.com Re

    Oh yes, but bribing isn’t the way to go, let me rephrase my statement.

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