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News sources are confirming that Usher and Tameka did not call it quits:

“The R&B star’s manager calls an anonymously sourced breakup report on the [internet] ‘100 percent not true.’

‘Usher and Tameka are currently traveling in Europe together as a family on his promotional tour,’ Benny Medina [said]. ‘This rumor is completely false.’ Not to mention, Tameka—who’s also the mother of 6-month-old Usher Raymond V—was spotted with her hubby of nearly nine months at an MTV taping on Sunday.”

So those unconfirmed rumors turned out to be plain old hype. Some would say that news was too good to be true anyway. Even though there still hanging in, Usher admits he’s married a flawed woman – check out his statement under the hood.

‘”I’m a guy that decided to marry a woman – a black woman – that wasn’t perfect, that had flaws, that through all in all, she’s been successful on her own. … and that’s a bad thing. I decided to marry this woman, then I decide to be a father to my child,’ he says with a laugh. ‘And that’s a bad thing. It’s not like I got caught with a gram of coke in my car or speeding or was caught for murder, so why would I be ridiculed, that’s why I don’t understand – that’s the part that is mind boggling. Why would I be ridiculed for that, even a year later.”

We all know the answer to that question. SMH.

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  • realwoman

    Told you…

  • Madame Enigma

    duhhhhh @ So those unconfirmed rumors turned out to be plain old hype

    stupid muhfukkas…

  • Fatima

    I am very proud of Usher. Even though his wifey looks like a linebacker. You can’t help who you love.

  • Joey Boats

    forget this, who cares. usher stupid anyway, still copping the album though

  • Blacksmith

    He’s right, it’s nothing but self-hate in our community. He married a woman with flaws and is raising his (and probably hers) children with love and they get nothing but hate thrown at them.


    Damn she tuely looks like an old slave wife…I can see her hanging sheets on a line in the backyard….

  • creolediva

    and he has Benny Medina, the architect of Will SMith and JLo’s career…we’ll NEVER get any tee now, lol!!! who can diffuse rumors better than BENNY??? i smell a rat, yall….

  • InsertDopeWordsHere

    Good for him and her. I still don’t understand why so many people have such a hate for this relationship. So what, she’s not a beauty queen or perfect. Who is? He seems happy.

  • creolediva

    LMAO@nikki underwood

    so wrong!

  • creolediva


    yall a mess!

  • Valenne


  • chocs n berries

    am sure most of you guys have stinking breaths coochies, ugly ass faces and you dare judge people who clearly are not related to you get a grip people

  • creolediva

    the funny part is, why respond to the rumors??? if ur together & u know it, bump what other people say…why the constant need to validate their r-ship to the public?? why does he care if the public is accepting or not?? YOU love her and thats all that should matter…

  • Blue Eyed Angel

    I don’t even care…NEXT..and I’m not sure why everyone thinks she’s ugly..She’s not..

  • creolediva

    @chocs n berries

    im FLAWLESS!!!

  • Valenne

    why or why??

    Tameka should send a bomb to gossip site that create rumors on her ass! lol

  • Lovely One

    I like them two together. And she IS NOT UGLY. She just looks like a 30+ year old who kept her body in decent shape. If Usher prefers his around the way girl over some video hoe, more power to him. At least Tameka is not someone’s “around the block” girl. No names necessary…you get the point.

  • kai

    Its such a damn shame that people dont want him to be with her.

  • melody

    I’m really happy for them, I just saw their privacy pics on a celebs dating site ~~milli onaireloves. c om ~, they share their love story on it! It’s amazing !!!!

  • MDM.Org

    I think she looks average. She’s a normal looking woman.

  • mrslaadee

    No Usher did not say that his wife was flawed! LMAO! We all know that but he isn’t suppose to say that in public.

  • Michelea'

    We all need to look at the big picture, there’s more to this than we imagine. Why would a celeb hottie like Usher fall in love with a woman as experienced as Tameka. Could it be that he was looking for that family life that he might not of received from is upbringing. Usher has been in this business most of his childhood. he is looking for that normal stable family life, and tameka provides that for him. Don’t be mad…Sympothize


    HEY…I did not judge! I simply made a comparison of the photo above with my old history book….pg 129. The name of the Chapter was…Slaves of a different Color…the outdoor slave….

  • Shawn08

    I totally agree with Usher on this. Why are black women (with ordinary looks – flaws) so upset that Usher married a regular looking black woman? To me it should inspire black women to believe that they too one day could have a chance with a mega star such as Usher.

    What if he had married a white woman? Or a video vixen? Or a model? You would be complaining about that as well.

    I am so happy he chose a black, self sufficient woman.

    And let’s stop speculating about her being married. She could have been separated when she hooked up with Usher. Her marriage could have been over. But, it really does not matter. Who are we to judge. They are together, and that’s all. Let them be happy.

  • ShavonDenise

    Exactly!! Love it when people in the media have to recant their lies. The devil and his demons are trying put asunder what God has put together . Man cant do that!! And Im not religious AT ALL. But havent you guys heard the song “What We Have Much More Than They Can See”?? People are blind all because they are angry with themselves. When some of you realize that beauty and that glamour stuff fades, but love is forever you will find unconditional love too.

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