Kelis & Baby Knight are About to Jet Set

- By Bossip Staff

Baby Knight was jet setting with his mommy through airport security. Even though Kelis and Nas are going through law dispute, they sure do have one very cute baby. Now her hair on the other hand, the skunk mullet thingy… she needs to let that go.

Pop it for Baby Knight

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  • ya boy


    screw that dirty hefer

  • blah blah blah

    She looks like she needs a NAP!

  • mzsweetface

    There is nothing ‘bossy’ about Kelis in that pic!

  • sigh'ing

    I don’t think the baby is cute 😦 Kelis looks homeless. Seriously she is getting paid like $50k a month! WTF is she doing with that loot

  • notsomuch

    Weave mullet? Seriously?

  • Honeyb

    Looking for a double wide to park that stroller…


    Damn. She looks almost as world-weary as the lady behind her in the windshield glasses.


    What ‘cake shot,’ KeepNit2Real? O, you mean that singular, drooping butt cheek?

  • Othello

    Nasir, go get you wisdom and sun.

  • agreene686

    He is cute!

  • tb

    Knight’s a little cutie!

    I don’t know what Nas saw in Kelis.

  • Forgiven

    Mullet, Plaid, and Jeans screams TRAILOR TRASH…lol…got the white folks confused like when we see whiccas acting like niccas…grill, saggy jeans, jordans and all.

  • drenk

    that mullet is rough lookin

  • ShesBack.

    KELIS IS THAT DEAL MAN…her baby is gorgeous…awwwwwwwww looks just like her and Nas….man if Only Kelis released the dopest songs off her last album instead of that garbage BlindFold me…there would be no RIHANNA…because she would have looked awfully stupid comin out with the same haircut as the chick she jocked it from.

  • Unforgiveable

    She do kinda look like the old lady behind her…

    Baby Knight is a cutie tho…he kinda looks like the both of them…can’t tell…

    BTW When is Eddie gonna go pick up his daughter from Mel B??? It ain’t cool he’s seen with more white women than his own daughter.

  • Choco

    I will agree my first thought was like dayum she look homeless but then again Kelis always looked homeless it seem her bitterness during her pregnancy took a lot out of her…and $50,000 a month for your hair to look like this and the clothes you have on leads me to believe she may be suffering from Post Partum syndrome…God don’t like ugly I have said it before…

  • ...*MOcarsMoclothesMojewelsMOdoe*...

    awwwww look at god son jr

    kelis……them checks aint come through yet? lol

  • the sane one

    Kelis needs to get it together…she looks bad and she really is gorgeous. just get a decent haircut and wear clothing that fits. sheesh

  • india

    There is absolutely nothing gorgeous about Kelis…her eyes haves bags for days underneath them! Ok…she does have nice skin! Knight looks like Nas and Kelis but at least Nasir is cute!!!

  • Rozza

    Why is she doing the “Joe Dirt” mullet and outfit thing?

  • 3rdIWide

    She looks heartbroken…

  • Tracey

    LOL @ a weave mullet!

    Motherhood doesnt agree with Kelis, why doesnt she do what they all do in Hollywood, get a nanny!

  • d303

    my name is earl. cute baby though…

  • Didn't You Know?

    Him so cute, me want to pick him up.

  • Archie


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