Khloe Spotted Out Spending Lamar’s Money

- By Bossip Staff

Khloe was spotted walking the streets of LA after a shopping spree at American Apparel on Lamar’s dime we’re sure.  More pics under the hood.

We still wonder how long it’s going to be before we start seeing Khloe with a baby bump… STAY TUNED!!!

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  • Silent Swagg

    cute shoes!

    looks like she is losing weight.



  • bre

    that is 1 ugly mule!!

  • lala land

    gorgeous shoes…i cud care less about whose money shes spending, it aint mine.

  • nu me

    might as well… are nice but him and her look alike i swear…..

  • alex

    yo, it’s frickin’ AMERICAN APPAREL and the chick has ONE bag in her hand. what’s that? like $50 worth of crap?!

  • tony

    I am really tired of the non-stop coverage of these sisters. At first I thought they were slightly amusing, now they all are just boring.

  • d303

    no, “alex” – American Apparel is not Wal Mart…..atlest 130.00 🙂 you know t-shirts in that store are 34.99 – back up. and just because you have 1 gucci belt does not make you a baller.

  • Natalie

    Umm…why does it matter? They’re married. Y’all are clearly bored…

  • AA

    I have a friend that works at the American Apparel on Robertson in Beverly Hills , and khloe can in and I guess Khloe was suprised that she didnt know who she was, so khloe got on the phone bragging about wo she was… I like Khloe but I really dont wanna beleive that she could act so snobby

  • ...*MOcarsMoclothesMojewelsMOdoe*...

    awww she’s ballin while her boo is at practice.must be nice.

  • Nikki

    I hope she spends every dime he has and then leaves him. He’s an idiot.

  • Nikki

    Maybe she needs to spend some with a plastic surgeon so that she can get rid of the extra skin under her big fat neck.

  • androidnancy

    I love that jacket on her, totally fab. Why do all the women in her family have these really skinny, chicken legs? On Khloe and her mother, it looks even worse because they have these big bellies up top, that their legs don’t seem to be able to support.

  • brianna

    those shoes are hot

  • http://Bossip Miss 21

    I love Khloe


    Khloe looks soooo good!! her legs are to die for, yall are just haters, she at least never crawled her way to fame like her wh**e of a sister kim. Shes married. Damm im married and i spend my mans money who cares, she just has a bigger bank account lol GO GET EM GIRL!!!

  • Candy Barr

    Ha, as someone pointed out, it is American Apparel. Not like she walked out of some fancy schmancy shop with a bunch of bags. Plus, as someone else mentioned, that chick has been spending her whole life. Lamar didn’t grow up with money.

  • QVC


  • I'm Just Me: Keeping It Real Since 1983

    He signed up for it.

  • On the real...

    Khloe is having the best year ever… from beefy cinderella sister to Mrs. Moneybags Odom — not bad at all.

  • Betty Brite

    Khloe dont make the type of money that Lamar has and never will.The pre nup said chloe will not see a dime of his 33 million because this marriage is all for publicity.Some of you black females are so stupid and need to stop kissing up the kadashians a$$e$ they dont like the black girls.aunt jemamia crew wake up and smell the coffee.


    Ha..Ha.. that is what it do.. Take that haters.. Gone Khloe..

  • keke

    she had her own $$$

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