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Allegedly Racist Woman Convicted Of Letting Dog Attack Asian Store Owner

A 41-year-old woman in Manchester, U.K. has been convicted of racially aggravated common assault, racially aggravated harassment and having a dog dangerously out of control after allowing her Staffordshire bull terrier to attack an Asian store owner.

According to MetroUK Sonya Wadsworth called Varun Ditta a “Paki” at a dollar store in Wythenshawe, Manchester while screaming “Haha you can’t do anything to me. My dog will bite you, p**i. Go home,” and “what are you doing here? Go back to your own country.”

The woman tried to argue that the dog was “acting in self-defense”, but Ditta believes she taught the dog to do her harm.

‘She had a dog which was tied to a pole outside the shop and she unleashed it. The dog was definitely trained and she was holding the lead of the dog and using it as a weapon.

‘This was a dangerous dog and it was making me and Max feel that it was about to attack. Sonya was laughing and encouraging the dog to bite me.

‘I think the dog was trained and letting it go and then pulling it back by the lead then letting it go again meant “go and bite him”.’

Let Sonya tell it, none of that is true.

‘I got my dog from outside and it was getting increasingly defensive. I mean, he’s just seen his mummy assaulted but Max picked up a washing basket and raised it above his head and they booted my dog hard twice. ‘I didn’t use racist language at all. I never would and I did not tell my dog to attack on command. The dog was using self-defense. I’m a diplomatic person. Very politically correct. Very polite. Very intelligent. They are all liars.

Sonya a$$ is going to jail.



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