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For those of you who need it, here is a little weekend Beyonce crack to hold you over this Memorial Day weekend. She and her husband Jay-Z hit up the Cannes film festival in France.

View photos of the newlyweds in France and reported home in Scarsdale right about now…

Images via TMZ

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  • aasdad


  • erica

    looks like she trying to hide her stomach.

  • http://boosip jamaicanbtich

    she looks preety as always

  • sdfsdfg

    She is a mammonist?

    She seems to seek for rich man to date on a celeb dating club “Ma rrymi lliona ire.c om “.She posted her nice pic on that club.

  • http://boosip jamaicanbtich

    dem nails is too ghetto… but i guess thats her swag

  • NahGurl

    beautiful home

  • Roc Girl

    The Carters, you gotta love it!!!

  • Savvy

    yes, i agree…u gotta luv the Carters! they kicks it like no other!

  • #1 stan


  • cryss

    that’s money at its finest. Jay is clean as hell, as well as Ms. Bey. bright polish is hot for the summer, i don’t think it’s ghetto. I hate when people say things are ghetto, who in the hell is on the board to decide if something is ghetto? just asking

  • Somer

    Bey always look so much better without those big wigs covering half her face. I love it when her hair is pulled back & her make up is more natural looking. She does look like she is trying to hide her stomach in the evening picures but is that a glass of wine she is drinking???

    I am not sure what is up with that nail color?

  • lea

    bey drinking juice she is preggers dam leave the girl alone if you cant see it in her face and the way she carries herself big clothes now = preggers lolo

  • msblknasty1

    bey is sure enough preggers she is so pretty tho ….

  • LovinLife

    I agree with Lea. She’s pregnant. If you doubt it, just take a look at that dress. That’s apple juice in the wine glass! lol. We might not be as rich, however, we’re pretty smart. Nice try. It could come back to bite her in the butt. Can’t you see the headlines in about six months. “Beyonce caught drinking while pregnant”!!


    she is preggers….look at her……… that is some juice i a wine glass….she is lookig alittle pudgy!!!

    come check out my site click my name

  • Jerzo

    i love to see us black folks gettin it poppin! Just wait til Obama gets into office! Our whole swag is going to different as a people I think.

  • Taj

    Yes, I peeped the loose clothes. If she is indeed pregnant, then congrats to her and her family. As for photos of there purported new home in Scarsdale, I think those are a bit unnecessary. Let them have some privacy and a private address. Would you like people knowing where you all lived?

  • kelis

    Hip Hop Royalty @ it’s best! Mr& Mrs. Carter are just beautiful! Love this couple!

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    They are a beautiful couple… and yes, I think she’s preggers too!!!!

  • missp

    I like Jay’s suit and Bey looks pretty

    I’m not sure she’s preggers but if she is, congrats

  • Harlem Chic

    I’m with you Jerzo.

    Must be nice to live the high life.

  • brit chick

    what is memorial day for??

  • the real dre

    damn i want those suit jay!!! really fitted!!!

  • lipstickslick

    she’s just wonderful isn’t she

  • Dou Et

    First of all, that house is gorgeous. Now: she needs to get in it, like right now because she’s definitely looking like a haggard domestic sow.

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