Russian Roulette Video… Take a Breath: Rihanna

- By Bossip Staff

Rihanna is on a roll. She has just released the video for Russian Roulette. The video involves a gun and two people sitting at a table… What message is this video sending out again???

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  • Dirty Diana...Let Me Be ♪

    numero uno?

  • Re

    Can I get a shout out?


    What message is it sending? -“Look at me! Look at me! I need to sell some records, stir up some sh!t! Look at me!”

  • Re

    I just have to say: I love that we generally see her real hair. Most women doing an underwater scene would have opted for the “Beyonce” illusion.


    ***** = s.h.!.t

  • BritChick

    Not a positive uplifting and encouraging message thats for sure her whol image and album is quite dark and negative. Come to think of it, alot of mainstream music fails to promote positivity.


    Re, I’m not feeling the gravie. I’ve seen you do far better. It’s missing the ‘funny.’

  • Shi

    I guess I wasn’t 1st! Damn…

  • Tabula Rasa

    uuuummmm ok

  • Deron

    Basically it’s Rihanna dealing with some of the mess that’s been going on in her life lately first of all and she’s need some help to cope with this.



  • ms. downlow

    How about something new? Read my new novel about my affair with a married hip hop artist at


    I need some help coping with these lame @ss tracks.

  • Leslie

    The message is “I don’t give a flying f&ck about ya’ll. It’s all about me!”

  • Mz.

    She is just venting, just like Kanye did on his last album. This is her way of gettin it out, i suppose.

  • Leslie

    @ Awww


  • Moreaces

    Can’t see vid, gun play is never a positive thing, but that’s what this generation seems to gravitate to,, violence and negativty,, just keeping up with the times.. So glad Im fully grown, and not a part of this sad younger generation..

  • ShesBack.

    @Moreaces…man dont I feel you..we didnt have to see Monica..AALIYAH..Brandy and so forth singin songs about blastin themselves away for gettin into a fight with there boyfriends ONCE…my goodness.

    Brandy even has stated in a interview that she was in abusive relationship BUT never did she try to gain recognition and fame over it..nor did she sing sad depressin demonic songs about it either…she kept it private and personal and went on with her life remainin a positive influence amongst her fans.

    Rihanna is nutty right not and is CLEARLY DEMANDING ATTENTION. you would think she would be doin what CHRIS IS DOIN makin uplifitin POSITIVE music…but she rather play this woe is me role for glory of it…smh.

  • me

    Wannabe Lady Gaga………go back to ur island and stay there please

  • lee

    can’t see it

  • lee


  • The Best I Ever Had

    @ Moreaces


  • tony

    Rihanna I’m going to need you to sit your depressing a$$ down! And no, I am not hating. Straight men don’t hate on women.

  • tony

    Where the Rihanna stans at? I thought she wasn’t talking about suicide, right? Thought ya’ll told us it was about unprotected sex. GTFOH, GARBAGE!

  • Rhianna Is A sell out

    Rhianna sings through her nose. Whatever happend to raw infiltered talent? It’s all an illusion and people need to realize that there ways of administering “mass hypnosis” through your radio and television. Wake up people….there is a reason why older folks call it devil music….im hust sayin’

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