MiMi Covers Up the Bustline and Puts Those Lil Pancake Backs on Front Street

- By Bossip Staff

When is this broad gonna stop walking around half-naked and start dressing her age?? Here is Mariah Carey leaving her hotel in London rocking the littlest miniskirt ever. We can’t knock her though…keep doing what you do MiMi…

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  • Krucial diva

    mmmmmmmmmm 1st

  • Carlisa

    She’s gotta be on some hormonal stuff to be looking this bloated. That’s one of the side effects of trying to become fertile post 35. Weight gain, water gain, then IVF. Good luck Mimi, I know you’ll be very happy once the baby comes. And all this ridiculous weight would have been worth it!

  • NONYA B.I.

    The older the berry the sweeter the juice. Naw, but if u got it flaunt it, doesn’t matter how old u are, eff haters!

  • Peter Pan

    well, why would you expect a white woman to have a big ass?

  • http://www.myspace.com/gazfynest nu me

    your age and dress style as and adult has nothing to do with each other now if she was 12 walkin around like this then we have a problem but she is a grown woman so whatever yall encourage this ish and get mad t0o

  • That Chick

    @Peter Pan..Mariah’s mother is Irish American, her father was half African-American and half Venezuelan

  • Cammy

    Look at the doorman face in the background even he’s disgusted. hahah

  • michelle

    i wouldnt mind having mariah careys azz, its not that flat, its round, proportioned, and it fits her frame….now my azz is none of that. go mariah!

  • http://nautysgirl@yahoo.com bklynlady

    ***FLAUNT IT***

  • hell naw

    Lumpy, bumpy, and frumpy!
    Cover it up, Mimi! Damn.

  • http://www.soapdish.socialgo.com Saytoodles

    This is s.e.x.i.s.t, half these rappers out here are pushing 40 and dress like my 16year old nephew and nobody ever puts them on blast. Yet we can’t leave MC alone? I sure the number of men dressing young for their age far out weighs the women.

  • Shootingstar


  • WhoDat

    i agree the skirt needs to be an inch longer,but Mariah still got it!

  • what that?

    Again, mimi will always be shaped up wrong..because of her biracial genes…it seems like luck that halle has more black in her..and her butt is not big, big,but preportioned to her size of her body..they will not be shaped up like beyonce and these other sistas that is on the scene now…

  • PrettyInPink

    Co-sign @ bklynlady!

  • white male

    That’s a pretty short skirt for an older chick that should have some class but as I guy that is looking at her photo I guess I’m not mad at her.

  • Luvya

    she loves her Louis Vuitton heels and her mini shirts, lol. I love u Mariah

  • Joan Johnson


  • That Chick

    Thanks Daywalker 😉 One more thing has got me puzzled..people have been making reference not just in this post but in others as well, to her looking “bloated” “gaining weight” or “looking fat” call me blind but I dont see it..I personally think she has a banging body..
    To Joan…what is so disgusting about her pic..is it cuz you could never wear something like that?!

  • Speaking the truth...

    Co-sign with (THAT CHICK)

    Hate all you want. She is paid..paid..paid..happy, traveling, chillin, and living life.

    If I had it like that…I live and dress free as a bird. She obviously doing something right…people still talking about her. Go Mimi..do ya ma

  • mizspecialk

    poor mimi is such a fashion victim… and the problem here isn’t her age. this outfit wouldn’t be a good look for her if she was 20, 25, or 30 because its not a flattering silhouette for a woman with her shape.

    mizspecialk’s fashion rule #1: if a style doesn’t work for you then it’s a don’t regardless of how trendy it may be.

  • bighead

    She still has a cute face but, if Mariah isn’t pregnant she should lose 20lbs.

  • That Chick

    Lose 20lbs??..you’ve done lost your mind..I feel for these woman in the industry..seems like its always a lose/lose situation for them, if there slim its “oh there anorexic and have a drug problem”..if there looking nice and HEALTHY like MC “there pregnant..or fat and need to lose 20lbs” ughhhhh SMH

  • Is Rihanna's sharp n pointy witchy fingernails took the oath banned

    so many haters. MiMi looks good. How many of you lard a $$es can say you look or will ever look as good as this in your young or old age? not many…

  • Is Rihanna's sharp n pointy witchy fingernails took the oath banned

    I saw two black women on the sub the other day, booty’s was flat as boards. I am so sick of the stereotype of ALL black woman have round behinds. I see more square shaped ones than a little. I’m a hundred and ten lbs and I have more shapely backs than alot of you sloppy heiffers.

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