Jesus Take The Wheel: U.S. Army On Track To Break Record… Of Suicides In One Year

- By Bossip Staff

People in the Army have been committing suicide at a higher rate than last year. The record for suicides is set to be broken this year by Army servicemen:

The number of suicides among active- duty U.S. Army troops this year reached 133 in October, 18 more than in the same period last year and putting the service within reach of a new annual high. The 133 reported suicides, including the National Guard and Reserves, between January and October compared with 115 during the same period in 2008 when the service recorded 140 by year’s end, an annual record, the Army said in a statement.

The rate of suicide within the Army last year was 20.2 per 100,000 personnel, exceeding for the first time the age-adjusted rate in the civilian population, which was 19.2, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. The institute has paired with the Army to undertake the biggest study ever of suicide and behavioral health among military personnel.

The Army has taken extra steps in the past year to prevent suicides as the number of cases began to alarm officials. Measures include training, a suicide prevention task force and a day of standing down from official duties to focus on suicide prevention. The “stigma” of acknowledging the need for counseling “continues to be one of the most difficult challenges we confront,” Brigadier General Colleen McGuire, director of the Suicide Prevention Task Force, said in the statement.

“The more we educate our Army community about the need to get help, the need to get it early and that a full recovery is often possible” from stress, the sooner that stigma will disappear, she said.

The Army also paired with the National Institute of Mental Health to begin the biggest study ever of suicide and behavioral health among military personnel.

Post-Traumatic (War)  Stress Disorder is real.



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  • I Am Legend (A Wise Man Told Me Dont Argue With Fools)

    the army wasnt even that bad these are just lil mommas boys who have never been pushed and now that they have they dont know what 2 do..grow up you pansies

  • charlieblanko



  • Trailblaza

    My prayers are with the soldiers and their families. I pray that GOD bring them all home safely. I’m sorry that they even have to go thru this.

  • aquaya

    First of all who the hell are u to call them “pansies” I have served 3 tours in Iraq and i know first hand how hard it can be. Instead of you saying things to belittle our service memebers you should show some damn gratitude for what they do.

  • justme

    I’m co-sign with I Am Legend. ARMY=AREN’T READY to be MARINES YET.

  • http://bossip KDR

    Sorry everyone isn’t as strong as you Legend but is it really necessary to call someone who needs help a pansies? This right here is a perfect example why people don’t reach out for help b/c you have so many ignorant people that don’t understand and don’t want to even try to understand. People have different levels of strength… and handle bad situations differently. smh

  • `

    well, everyone in the army is a murderer so it’s only fair they murder dem selves


    @ `

    well, everyone in the army is a murderer so it’s only fair they murder dem selves

    Spoken like the PUZZY you truly are!!! See, it’s people like you who have never been to foreign lands, observed how other people live, and came to the recognition of just how good you have it here!!! But if you feel no need to stand behind our military forces, then by all means, feel free to stand in front of them……Punk!!!

  • boomarthouse

    wonder why?
    because when a soldier takes a life, the responsibility rests on the mind of the soldier for the rest of his life.
    u can’t really put that on your country.
    that’s on u, homie!
    they hype them up in training, but when they go back to civilian life, the brainwashing wears off.
    that’s on u!

  • white male

    thanks for your service aquaya and all you other vets, I appreciate you even if some of these morons don’t.

  • Jenifer

    @ I AM LEGEND…shut up! You’re probably the biggest punk on this board.

    Hell if they don’t fight for your freedom then who will? Why don’t y’all punk azzez go fight in a war.

    Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines…it’s all the same thing.

  • Taki

    Marines aren’t ready to be Army with there 7 month tours compared to the Army who have to do 18 fvkn months. Army is the only service forcing there soldiers to do damn 2 years in Iraq in Afganastan and come home for 6 months and come down on orders to go back again. When Marines, Navy and Air Force get on that level…then call.

  • justme

    B.C the army is the stupidest branch that’s why they’re the only ones over there for that long. Pls half those dumb asses love the tax free money. Point blank Marines are the Presidents own b.c no other branch can do the job. First of all those soliders couldn’t handle 3 months of bootcamp that’s why they went to the army. WEAK!!!WEAK!!!WEAK!!Yes, I’m a Marine that went to a combat zone.


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  • Young Lady

    Me as a blackwoman would never enroll in the army but to each it’s own.

  • Young Lady

    Nor would i join any of the others. I refuse to give my life for people who could care less about me. I would rather stick around and be a hero for my family, those who can really appreciate what you do for them. besides you don’t know who to trust when it comes down to the Gov.

  • CriticXtreme

    OK, you see this new report about suicides and it’s true. For the last time, I don’t want any of my brothers and sisters and anyone else of color fighting a white man’s war. When will you learn?? Patriotism to you is when you pay your taxes. That’s it. Now, I’ve gone and fought for you, killed for you so you didn’t have to. All I ask is that you take your asses to college, stay there and graduate by any means necessary!

  • white male

    @ criticxtreme

    I don’t understand why you think its a whitemans war? How did you feel when Al Qaeda blew up 250 people in Kenya, or another 200 something in Tanzania? The US is progressing and even the president is half black. America is a multicultural country and all different kinds of people serve.

  • Dajournalist

    While I believe the intention of soldiers is good and genuine (upon entering the army) I KNOW that they are forced to do inhumane, horrible things to innocent people. A heavy conscience will push you to do strange things.

  • Dajournalist

    People keep saying the army is here to protect my rights. Funny that other nations aren’t occupying other countries to protect THEIR rights. (And contrary to prior belief, we aren’t the only country that has them)

    Its about time Americans put down all the empty pride and rhetoric and ask real questions. LIke, how does killing civilians and siezing a country’s religion, protect our rights? Like…. why the f*ck does America have so many damn enemies in the first place?

  • Poeticphire

    I’m in the military and to all of you who talk nonsense about people in the military just know that they are fighting to keep you ungrateful “Americans’ safe at home. You think its easy coming back from war and listening to you ungrateful S.O.B’s?. NO…do you know what they deal with when they come home?…NO!. Cheating husbands/wifes…PTSD among other things. If the military isn’t for you..OK COOL its not for everybody but dont talk down on the people who chose to join for whatever reason. It really irritates me to see this s**t ungreateful mofos. You dont know what those guys see on a daily basis..talking ill of them. You think a mother wants to read about how some Americans hate what her son/daughter did and died for?. Ugh I guarantee half of you wouldnt have the balls to do what they do. I’m done..

  • Mock Rock Star

    I don’t know if you all know this, but some “GI’s” kill themselves in basic training. It’s really not all about Post-Traumatic (War) Stress Disorder

  • Sit yo 5$ a*s down before I make some change ( Girl please....)

    As a woman that is in the Army, who is currently reading this message board from IRAQ, I am highly offended! Those who are criticizing and talking mess have no idea what we put up with on a DAILY basis. We are over getting mortared, harassed, pushed to the limit, and still have to keep our minds and bodies on track. Some of us cannot do it, so suicide seems like a easier way out. Shame on you! We had someone commit suicide 3 weeks ago….before you make a comment against a person fighting for your freedom, why don’t you stand up and come join and come fight side by side with us!

  • nunya bizness

    Must be a lot of problems to cause this … the kids are hurting.

    The fact all the jobs were shipped overseas, the military will be the only ‘jobs’ left. Is this why its advertised non-shop on MTV and at sporting events? The kids are confused.

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