*Exclusive Pics*: Nivea Gives Birth and Lil Wayne Parties it Up with his Other Chicken Shanell

- By Bossip Staff

Word is… Nivea just gave birth to Lil Wayne’s fourth child. Instead of him enjoying this moment with Nivea, he was up in Primal Nightclub in Atlanta partying it up with Shanell, D. Woods’ sister and Drizzy Drizzel Drake.

More of the Two Getting Comfy Under the Hood

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  • Tony Redds



    Well, that’s what happens when you`re a baby momma!

  • PrettyInPink

    I love weezy, but he needs to get it together!

  • EleKtriK EccEntriK

    lol at lil wayne’s made for radio face.
    i can’t imagine giving birth to someone’s child and the dude is partying elsewhere. SMH hard @ Nivea and the rest.

  • white male

    Does she expect him to ever be there?

  • Marquis de Sade

    Btw, why should he be there for the birth? I’m sure the the novelty of witnessin’ deliveries in the operatin’ room has lost its’ luster for Lil’ Weezy…Side’s ain’t he due to turn himself in, in less than a couple of months to do his 8 month bid? He’s probably just livin’ it up until then. Who wants’ to be stuck in the same room while one of your baby mama heffas is givin’ birth to one of your b@stard mistakes?

  • Ms.EJ

    I understand that Nivea & Wayne have history (being engaged, him professing to the world that he loves HER), but I wished she would have never gotten pregnant by him (the same goes for Lauren London), especially knowing that he already just had a child w/the Asian girl. She has always seemed like a nice girl who has a beautiful voice by the way.

    People, both men and women need to start looking at a persons track record and to see if he or she has learned or are repeating the same mistakes. I still can not figure out what many women see in him for the life of me.

    I am not surprised that he is out doing his thing, because he never stopped before, while making the babies and after the babies were born. He will continue to make babies b/c the women keep allowing it.

  • blkqueen39

    This is what happens when you don’t have respect for yourself or standards. He needs to be snip or maybe he going for flav’s record. Yuck!!!!


    Well, that’s what happens when you`re a baby momma!

  • gg

    who cares when you sleep with gargage you get trash

  • alldatsupreme

    Sex, drugs, and and rock n roll truest example from Lil weezy anna, Nolawns, ya dig! Whass happin lil daddie, gon go get me uh po boi ya heard…u know u funckin no me…Whasssss happpin! Don’t play me boi…

  • satch

    chicken??????? lol

  • http://www.bossip.com Mz.

    I have to somewhat agree with Maquis Sade, even though the way he or she worded it was a bit out of context.When we as women make a vow to ourselves to raise our standards and never to lower them for the common man, they may just change.

  • http://facebook.com/sybilblaize SB

    wat about that cake?? LIL WAYNE got big money couldnt bought a more exclusive cake hehehheh

  • DarkSkinChristianDiorPostaGurl

    For the record, Wayne is rich and he makes a good bit of money but …he isn’t wealthy yet. Even so, Monetary maturity doesn’t mean the child will have the necessities of growing up properly.

    As for Nivea and the other 7865 girls who have went down this destructive path, they can’t blame anyone but themselves for ALLOWING a promiscuous, and an obvious female chauvinist do it like that. He didn’t slow his ways down for own HIS WIFE so what do these scallies think he gone do for them which is nine times out of ten a one night stand.

    5 BabyMamas+Drug Addiction+Declining Fan Base in 2009= Broke and penniless in 2013.

  • mz.pcway

    lol his does wish he could F..CC.K.. EVERY GIRL N THE WORLD..I THINK HE SELPT WIT ME TWO BUT I JUST DONT RMEMBER IT LOL NAW I THINK IF I HAD RELATIONS WIT MR WAYNE ID REMEMBER THAT FO SURE..LOL…hey its men all over the world doin the same but wit way more kids i no a man wit 25 children and he done have half of wat lil wayne got money wise so i guess its not that bad…this is number four im sure right before he gets out and gowees in he gone have a couple more…just to make up for time..and nivea dont ned wayne money she already got a baby by the dream…

  • mz.pcway

    i mean dont*

  • Good one!

    5 BabyMamas+Drug Addiction+Declining Fan Base in 2009= Broke and penniless in 2013.

    U hit it right on the head!!


  • http://bossip I`ll Talk about what I want to talk about Nucca !

    you know what really gets me is these chicks in these kind of days with every kind of STD , hiv monster that they would still let a dude bust inside them and not insist this dude wear a condom !

    For real even if dudes got paper you still gonna risk your health ??!! WOW !



  • Black Ivory

    To be honest-the look on wayne’s face says he can’t even stand whoever she is..IMO

  • Pray ni%%a, Pray!

    Funny how no one is calling these women out for have no morals!

  • WordtotheWise

    Pray ni%%a, Pray!

    Funny how no one is calling these women out for have no morals!
    They don’t have any moral, but he doesn’t either.

  • yupyanno

    That’s what happens when you spread your legs for a gremlin…

  • http://bossip.com TIMBO

    1st of all dis sh*t rite here dont shock me! wat was she expecting, him showing up at da hospital with balloons and a teddy bear. negro pleeeeeease!

    2nd of all d-woods sister looks ghetto! 4real where is she going looking like a 2009 version of sha-nene. kmt!

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