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We enjoy a some wholesome family photographs from time to time. Here is Scary Spice and her little cutie Angel Iris Murphy Brown. Too bad Eddie Murphy’s chump ass is missing out on that baby’s life. Even her K-Fraud is doing his part– toting around the purse and the diaper bag.

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  • sdfsdfg

    Happy family!

    I heared that they met each on a celeb dating site named ” Ma r r yMill ionai re.Co m”.Is it true? Can we meet our true love online?

  • Kompton's Kutie

    Awww! She is a kutie!

  • honeylicious

    Too Cute!

  • You

    There is no reason for Eddie not to see this baby. I lost respect for Eddie as a person. He could do a Brittany a Kevein, just have the bodyguards bring the baby to his mansion give her to his mother and see his child. Think about it. I don’t care if you feel you were tricked. You had unprotected sex. And the child did not ask for a dead beat Dad. Low life . Why should the baby have to pay.

  • C.C.

    Oh my God! This chick is in AMAZING shape! Go Mel B!

  • Baller

    Last week I read a quote that Eddie Murphy’s X Nicole Murphy said Eddie was a great Father. What Eddie was she talking about? How does he explain to his kids why he won’t see their sister. Deep down inside the kids know Dad is wrong.

  • Hoop

    Eddie did not acknowledge the baby in public. Until Mel took the baby to meet eddie’s ex wife Nicole and their last daughter.

    WHEN THE MEDIA JUMPED ON IT, Eddie had his people release a statement.

  • Baller

    the day eddie meets his child it will be big new. it won’t be a secret.

  • Baller

    Does Mel B’s husband have a job?

  • Frog-a-licious

    Aww…. she’s so cute.

  • Jim Dandy

    She’s a cutie. Ed will come around. Scary Snatch hooked him up, basically. Women do this sometimes (hard to believe, I know).

  • mrslaadee




    Actually the babies name is Angel Iris Murphy Brown.


    Nicole was talking about Eddie being a good father to her kids b/c that’s all she is concerned about. You better believe she would change her tune if Eddie stop paying child support or if he started denying any of her kids.

  • John


  • redsindc

    damn C.C. all black men are not like that….give the brothers a little luv babe!!!

  • I'm Just Me

    AWWW HOW CUTE!!!! That baby is so adorable and Mel is so pretty. It is Eddie’s loss…but trust Baby Angel Iris doesn’t need to be around his foolishness anyway!

  • Lisa

    I’m mad at Mel’s boots and that stroller she has little Iris in, but you know what as long as baby girl has the love of her mother and a father presence she’s good.

  • sheri

    sooo cute

  • happy to be alive

    Eddie only deals with Him & Nicole’s children. He doesn’t deal with his older Son from earlier days or Mel B’s little Girl. He’ll have to pay for that one way or another on day.



  • Kompton's Kutie


    Shut the heck up!

  • N

    I think it’s really triflin that Eddie had to play things out the way he did. He’s been in childrens’ movies for years. Guess we know he’s not really into kids if this is how he does his own daughter. No matter what the relationship of he and the mother is, that’s his kid & he’s missing out on the best years of her life! Loser.

  • 1TruDiva is home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “Does Mel B’s husband have a job?”



    Yes he does! His duties include

    1. Carrying the diaper bag.

    2. Making sure he’s always somewhere close whenever she’s in public with the baby.

    BTW–Why don’t these women ever have their other kids with them? It seems like she (and a few others) are always photographed with their child(ren) by the famous person.

    Oh, well.

    The baby is a cutie pie!

  • chrid

    Beautiful woman.. is she still stay with her husband. someone posted on yahoo answers that she has a profile on ~(((~I n t i m a t e m i n g l e. c o m ~)))~ You know it is a place for interracial romance, interracial relationship.

  • Dominique=Maxwell Fan♥

    Is she wearing Ed Hardy?

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    cutie patootie

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