Florida man kills son-in-law jumping from bushes in birthday surprise

Damn: Man Travels From Norway To Surprise Father-In-Law, Jumps Out Of Bushes, Gets Shot Dead

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Florida Man Accidentally Kills Son-In-Law Jumping Out Bushes

Now THIS is an accident.

A Florida man will not be charged after shooting his son-in-law dead in a tragic mishap that will forever change the date October 1.

According to DailyMail, A Florida man, 61-year-old Richard Dennis, had a birthday this past Tuesday. His son-in-law, 37-year-old Christopher Bergan flew in from his home in Norway to surprise the old guy for his earth strong.

Part of that surprise was the decision to bang on the door then hide in the bushes only to jump out and scare the s#!t out of good ol’ Richard. Thing is, when Chris jumped out of the bushes growling like a rabid zombie, Richard pulled the trigger on pistol he had brought to the door with him and hit his son-in-law square in the chest.

Christopher died instantly according to the police report.

The incident sparked Facebook comments by Christopher’s friends about gun culture in America:

My childhood buddy, Chris Bergan, was killed accidentally by a family member. He had no idea he was shooting his son-in-law. I’m convinced gun culture has everything to do with this tragedy.

That’s f***ed up. Prayers up for that family.



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