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Panera Fires Employee For Exposing Mac-N-Cheese Secret On TikTok

This generation’s affinity for oversharing on social media keeps getting worse and worse, seemingly always reaching new levels of “I should have thought this out more.” Every single day, it seems like someone else is fired over something they did on social media. Most of the time, it comes from situations where an employee is doing something that is cut and dry and the termination is justified. Every so often, though, we have a case where people are split on the accountability given to someone for over-sharing while on the clock.

Such is the case with one former Panera Bread employee who made an innocent TikTok video that just so happened to go viral.

Everyone and their mama has probably enjoyed a nice warm bowl of Panera’s famous Mac-N-Cheese at one time or another. It tastes so good and gourmet like it goes from straight out the pan right into your bowl. Now however thanks to this employee and their love of TikTok, we know how it’s really made.

In the video, you can see the employee making the delicious dish—-the only problem? A pan, stove, or any other actual cook wear was never involved. The bag of macaroni went straight from a frozen box to a pot of boiling water, then right into a bowl. After discovering this, the disappointment for such a beloved food spread like wildfire on social media. The deception had Twitter users at Panera’s neck like they stole directly out of their wallets.

So how does Panera react? Firing the employee IMMEDIATELY, with no questions asked. While they haven’t responded to the termination, they did give a have azzed explantation over the preparation of the dish. telling the Washington Post, it’s “made offsite with our proprietary recipe developed by our chefs.”

Yeah…sounds like a finesse. Hopefully, they get it together and the employee moves on to bigger and better things, which shouldn’t be too hard.



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