Cassie Shaves the Other Side of her Head…

- By Bossip Staff

Looks like Cassie is still on her shaved head steez and has decided to shave a bit of the other side off too. Flip the hood to see a candid pic of her at STK in NYC.

It’s not much, but enough for her to get just a tad bit of attention. Poor thang.

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  • InLoveWiThMnM

    1st omg I have never been first…borring doe

  • drenk(An ignorant people is the blind instrument of its own destruction)

    wouldnt it be ironic if she had a really big 1970’s bush

  • SHAH

    and shes will still be the same ole lame ole cassie. she can cut it all off.

  • pynklyzurd14


  • Emma

    she is sooo pretty regardless.

  • ColeyKID

    kill yourself cassie…

  • lady b

    who cares

  • Emma

    she is pretty regardless. she should do alot of modelling. she can be a top model. bless her

  • I'm Just Me: Keeping It Real Since 1983

    Its cool.



  • This some Shhh....

    Imma need somebody to keep those clippers away from her.

  • Soul Touch

    She’s still a beautiful girl.

  • TyNice

    I wouls still CRACK her wide open. Other than money that he shouldn’t be spending on these hoes, Diddy aint got nothing on me.

  • Love Girl

    Cassie keep playing “red light green light” with the dam clippers! Just go ahead and Cinead O’Connor that Sh$!…

  • white male

    Tattoos on your head??

  • THE SoSelphish 1

    It’s just hair… it does grow back!

  • the sane one

    it’s cute. i have nothing bad to say about cassie because she isnt singing 🙂

  • wtf

    cassie casie cassie….she looks cute


    Thank You. Leave the guy who likes you and come to the money. Puff bond ya then disowned ya. Messed that mind up properly and ruined your career. Should have stuck with the nerdy guy. LOL Send us another one. Music industry victim# 100000000000000000 and 1. So pretty and so dumb. Just like we likes em.

  • Liya

    As far as I’m concerned, Cassie can play with clippers all day if it keeps her away from a mic.

    I’d rather hear about her shaving her head than hearing her sing.

  • wtf

    haha, your blocking her name, cuz a.s.s is in it? hilarious

  • Freeze.

    LMAO Why is Cassie’s name bleaped out like a bad word?!?!

  • Miss

    Damn shame cant ecen spell out C A S S I E.

  • macori88

    who would have thought a name could be a bad word.

  • ruonpoint09

    C.A.S.S.I.E. IS A DUMMY!

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