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Racism Is Now Public Health Crisis In Wisconsin City

Madison, Wisconsin is taking an interesting approach to stifling racism in their community.

According to Channel3000, the city signed a statewide resolution that officially declares racism a public health crisis. That doesn’t mean that funds will be allocated to aid in the battle against bigotry, but at least it’s a step forward.

“I’m glad that someone is recognizing it as a health issue, because then maybe now we’ll take greater measures in addressing the issues.” said Alexander Gee Jr., the president and founder of the Nehemiah Center for Urban Leadership and Development.

Gee goes on to say:

“It’s now been proven that the stress caused by the pressures of racism is a leading indicator of health disparities for African Americans,” he said. “We now know that because of stress, we, African Americans, are contracting diseases faster than our white counterparts and then dying sooner.”

Ain’t that the truth. White people stress us out on the regular.

President and CEO of the Urban League of Greater Madison, Ruben Anthony, says that the racism and bigotry that is being propagated by political leaders, *elbows Donald Trump*, is taking a serious toll on minorities.

“The messages that we get from our national leaders and the climate that we’re creating from saying certain people are not welcome in this country,” Anthony said. “I haven’t seen something like that in my lifetime.”

Like we said, interesting approach to racism, but at this point everything is worth trying.


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