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Rico Nasty Says She Got Into A Racist Exchange Because Of A Parking Spot

Rico Nasty hopped onto Twitter recently to explain a racist exchange she was involved in–and it all went down over something as unimportant as a parking spot.

“Lmao racist people love being like ‘DID U THREATEN ME ILL CAWL THE COPZ,” she tweeted.

Rico went on to tweet further about what went down after one of her fans asked if she was being attacked racially, she also clarified that the whole thing happened over a parking spot.

When someone replied, telling Rico Nasty that she should have reacted physically toward the racist aggressor, Rico revealed her reasons for keeping her cool:

“So he could google my name and sue me . Lol no,” she wrote.

Her tweets go on to take a more serious tone as she tweets about wanting to cry over her thoughts about “all the people who have gotten killed in situations” similar to what she went through. Rico also thanked the men she was with at the time for not escalating things, saying that the situation really could have gone in a completely different direction.

As of now, the rapper hasn’t spoken further on what it was that actually happened during this altercation, but any argument over a parking spot–especially one that becomes racially-charged–is better left avoided and dismissed as quickly as possible.


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