People Ain’t Isht: Junkie Brothers Abandon Grandma To Burn Alive In House Fire To Save Meth Equipment

- By Bossip Staff
woman use fire and spoon for boiling water and narcotic, cocaine, heroin or methamphetamine. She is beginner of drugs addicted

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Brothers Leave Grandma Burn To Death In Order To Save Meth Lab

People really ain’t s#!t and if you think that sounds bleak and pessimistic then read the following story and reconsider.

According to NBCNews, two brothers from Riverside, New York, Jarrett and Justin Gause, have been charged with manslaughter for allowing their 82-year-old grandmother to burn to death in a May house fire while they ran off to save their crystal meth lab. Initially, the siblings were charged with second-degree murder until that charge was reduced.

Oh, but wait, if that isn’t bad enough. Instead of immediately calling the fire department, Jarrett and Justin went to buy a pack of cigarettes first.

Jarrett and Justin Gause are also facing multiple reckless endangerment charges for the firefighters who responded and evidence tampering charges, WETM reported.

These two are going straight to Heisenberg hell.



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